The Lunch Box Journal

A story that will take you through the corporate life of few friends with their usually unusual experiences and occurrences.


A bit of an intro / backstory* …


Conventionally handy. Accurately perfect.  Nothing short of a perfection. With a flair for art and a little too much fondness for sports. But most of all, living life in the offline mode and his principle of “living in the moment” speaks a lot more about him.


Decent and composed are the tags provided by his gang. Well, imagine when it took half an hour to crack a “bad” joke, just to prove otherwise. Quite brilliant at what he does and an Amex cardholder. So, that pretty much sums it up.


Usually always on the toes. Superlatively active, conventionally funny. And practically an English laureate, a public speaker, some president, a campaignist and not to mention, Ponds Age Miracle brand ambassador. But if anything has the word spicy in it, he would start sweating.


Ghizmo guy. From being a great musician to being a hands-on guy, he is a total package, in a nutshell. Anything electrical of your needs repairing, he is the usual go-to guy. But then again, he might forget that he had to do it, so one needs to put a reminder on his phone to get things done, but no promises even then. Nonetheless, a sound enthusiast, keyboard player, bass lover, car fanatic, a calorie meter and healty food eating tryer. 


Well known talented artist in the campus. So much well known that he had to sit on the panel to judge other contestants at one point. Besides being a singer; he is headstrong, practically a player, but mostly an alrounder. And not to mention a very starry guy.


Unfairly silent guy and by that, he is dead silent. People sometimes even wonder whether he is in the office or not. But that loud music one might listen from across the floor is probably from him. Otherwise, a perfectly shy and introverted guy. Though he cracks his share of jokes, but as luck may have it,  all end up being a facepalm moments.


The others…


Enthiastic, Outgoing person, Steadfast,  TEacher’s pet sort of, Cute Bubbly.


Smart, beautiful, Dancer.


Obsessed, madly completely blindly in love, headstrong, dancer, fighter, Arguer. 


Outgoing, Food Enthusiast, 


Less talker, Newly in love with fiancee to be, Searching for a job, Silent, Sweet voice.


Dancer, cute, funny, headstrong, 


Smart, Talented, Open hearted, Beautiful, Badminton Champion, iPhone user, Funny (not exactly) Headstrong, Dancer, OCD for cleanliness, A talker.

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