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Blogging Goals 2017.

Blogging Goals 2017.

Writing has been a part of my life. I will admit, I am not a great writer, or even a good writer. I just write, whenever and whatever. Please note the “whatever” part, because that’s what is 90% of the posts.  This guy is close to 700 posts and how many do you think he will point out as the best. I am glad some people do drop by and read. I am grateful to them. And I am eternally grateful to the people who believe that I am a good writer. The irony is that my friends, the people I work with believe that I am good at it. This reminds me of the recent episode where my dear colleague, more of a friend, asked me to join the essay writing competition. I was kind of hesitant (And we thought he was good at writing, didn’t we?) for reasons unknown, wait, there was one reason I keep telling myself that I don’t work under pressure and writing comes naturally to me and hence such external forces such as contests and topics and prompts and essay writings competitions fail to influence my creative side of writing. These are all lies I tell myself to somehow validate myself for not being able to write the way I want to write.


I remember when I was unaware of writing and was introduced to blogging, I drove inspiration from one person who clearly blew my mind. I was made to believe that I was good at English somehow. I didn’t fare well in the English exams, mostly with Aptitude, err, what’s it called?…with grammar and comprehensive and all that stuff?, but I was part of the English study group in my high school which was consisted of top few members who fared in the surprise test that was conducted and I had just the passing score while others had almost double mine. But it did make me feel like I was good at English, which, please back me up, I am not. Thank you, you all agree too. A year later I participated in a writing competition, because you know “I was great at English” and the topic was given on the spot. Now, since I was good at making stuff up, which I had been doing in the exams, where I extract key words from the question and form some sentences, which never make any sense, but somehow bring it close to a 5 mark or 10 mark answer. What I knew didn’t matter, how long I wrote mattered! I used the same concept here, but then again I felt I was more comfortable at writing without preparing for what I need to write. On the spot was my forte. Even when I had a great thought. I didn’t want to drag that thought any further, because if I did that, I won’t be able to remember that whole thing and would definitely fail at reconstructing the awesome essay I wrote in my mind while commuting or sitting in the class. So, I just tried to remember the topic I wanted to write on. And over the years, that has changed so much – my writing and my take on writing.


8 years, almost. That long I have been writing, blogs and dairy and whatnot. Now, we might be wondering that eight years is a pretty long time and probably this guy is a veteran in blogging. But lol, he don’t know shit about it. I have come a long way, blogging wise and writing wise  (Ahem what writing wise? It is much worse than you started with!).  But I am still not there where I wish I want to see myself. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing, but over the years instead of improving I kind of got side tracked. I may blame it on some or the other thing, but the main culprit of all mishap is I and I alone. So, I have come up with a resolution, a resolution for improving myself and my blogging.

a. Fiction- Stories, Flash Fiction, Micro Fiction, all sorts: I have always been fascinated with the stories people weave. I mean how, how do they even do it!! I am just spellbound at everyone who write fiction. You see I have tried writing fiction and I have this habit of detailing things. I can imagine things to an extent but beyond that, I gave this lame excuses such as “I haven’t seen that”, “I haven’t experienced that”, “I don’t know how it feels”. The basic idea of a write is to create the unreal, like all I mention in these excuses.

b. eBook : I want to write a eBook, mostly on the above genre. I have always wanted to write one. It need so much dedication and patience and commitment that I can’t even begin to explain. And that is why I want to write atleast one eBook. Now, one of my BlogBuddy members advised to give realistic numbers. Hence one eBook, with a common specification of 50000 words, the NaNoWriMo standard.

c. Drag people, to blogging : I have time and again informed, advised and pleaded(yes, I have done this as well) people to write. I understand that writing is not easy, it’s not easy for me either, but somehow I got drawn to it. Each of us have the knack for writing and I believe that with proper motivation, we can bring out the writer in all of us. Hence, I want atleast one person to start up a blog and write.

d. Challenges and Contests : I wish and hope to participate in all blogging challenges. And about contests, I know I am never going to win, but I still want to give my best and hope to win something.

e. Experience : I want people to enjoy what they see before they even read. I want to improve my outlook and the user interface. So, I will try to make it advertisement-free, easy on the eyes and smooth navigation, on all devices.

f. Photography : I have another blog, a photography blog. I have a domain for it, I have everything set up, but no posts at all in it. Probably, I will pick it up, improve and share not just the photos, but the story behind it, if there one or else create one.

g. Travel Blogging : I don’t go to many places, but the one or two new places I visit, I don’t mention about that in the blog. I may post the photos on Instagram, but that’s it. I would like to re-experience it in my blog, so I want to share my travel experience.

h. Enhance : Last, and the most important one- revamp my writing. I know I have a unique way of writing, that it shoes away all the people( I know you all are nodding your heads, don’t you dare lie now). Keeping that in mind, I would like to attract people rather than keeping then to wonder “what the hell am I even reading?”. I know, I bring that kind of response because I write mostly abstract, trying to hide the actual intention between the lines and end up messing it up completely. So, a changeover in the writing style is a much needed makeover.



A special thanks to Blogchatter for an advance notice asking bloggers to set the goal in advance ( a month in advance) and also it’s Blogbuddy initiative, I get to meet some amazing bloggers and be a part of the group. 

blogtrottersBlogtrotters, Blogchatter 3.0


NaBloPoMo November 2016

I am participating in #NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) and this is Day #29 post.

P.S. The italicized comments in between are written by me. Who am I? I am the “voice in the head”, also used to be known as “The Guy in the Hat”. I pop up anywhere and everywhere, just keep a lookout for me.
P.S.S. This ak guy has no clue about this. So let’s keep it that way, shall we?

It’s Not This Time of Year Without…

It’s Not This Time of Year Without…


…without recollecting the last time I went to a church.

St. Paul’s Cathedral, Kolkata, 2015
© ajaykontham 


It’s Not This Time of Year Without…
A weekly photo challenge prompt by The Daily Post. 


NaBloPoMo November 2016

I am participating in #NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) and this is Day #25 post.

Wednesday wows.

Wednesday wows.

We all have mixed feelings when it comes to Wensdae..Wenesday…Wednesdays. Why? Wait, what do you mean why? It’s in the middle of the week and we are in that crucial stage of getting out of our sulking Monday and Tuesday to almost preparing our self to welcome the oncoming weekend. But, then again Wednesday can be called a neutral day, since we don’t incline on anything particularly. And why are you talking about the previous day today? Shouldn’t past be left in the past? Shut up, voice in my head, just shut up. The Wednesday that just happened.

Occasion : Colleague’s Marriage
Location : ~150 km away
Plan :
a. Start at 5 AM
b. Pick up everyone by 6 AM
c. Reach by 9 AM
d. Attend the marriage, greet, take photo
e. Have Lunch
f. Start by 11:30 AM
g. Reach office by before 3 PM.
h. Continue with the day, business as usual.

The plan was set, the car was booked for 7 people, everyone was informed of the timings the previous day. Time, a concept lost to most people, especially me. I have this habit of sleeping early, literally. Sleeping at 4 AM is pretty early enough, don’t you think? And also keeping in mind the { post }  I posted a couple of days ago, please let me know what is the most feasible course of action. I think I hear you all saying sleep early and wake up early. To all of you, nevermind. So, I did the next best thing. I decided not to sleep at all. In that way, I could complete the TV show episodes for the week, and also have enough time to brush, take a bath, iron my clothes, get my backpack ready, set my hair, HAIR!!! The previous two days someone had been a good hair days, after the hair product lend its helping hand. And when I get such days, I don’t wash my hair after my usual 2 days period. Because washing would mean that I have to redo all that again. If my past experiences have taught me anything, my hair gets messed up for no apparent reason. It’s just a natural thing, like the sun rises, wind blows, rain falls, my hair gets messed up, natural. And now, its long, more the trouble.

Anyhow, the plan was iron clad and since I decided to not-sleep, there were supposed to be no problems at all. Little did I know how weak I was.
2 AM : I checked the time and calculated the remaining time I was supposed to get up and brush my teeth which was 2 more hours.
3 AM : I had completed two more episodes and one more hour was remaining, and I was supposed to get on with the day’s proceedings.
3:45 AM :  Having completed another episode and still laying in bed covered with chocolate wafers and lays chips, and almost shutting eye, I decided to “just close my eyes for a while” for 5 minutes (No, I wasn’t going to sleep. I was just going to close my eyes and relax). Now, I knew that I would sleep if I close my eyes even if its for a second, so in order to not fall asleep, I closed my eyes in a very compromising position, which meant that I would have back and neck pain. So, with pain I won’t be able to sleep. Right? RIGHT? R I G H T ? Little did I know.

…but I just sleep a little longer.

5:10 AM : I wake up to something vibrating near my face. I was still in that same compromising position. I miss a call from one of my friends as I checked the time, 5 bloody fucking AMFUCK. I screamed into the silence of the morning and the house buzzing with the fan’s rotation. I was supposed to be at the stop by 5 AM, which meant I was supposed to start by 4:45 AM from my house. I take 5 seconds to brush my teeth. No, don’t you dare question how it is even possible. Bath! Are you kidding me now? Pass. I was all over the place. My phone rings again with my friend’s name across the screen. I pick up the call and they intimate me that they were starting now. Thank God? I was still in my shorts, my bag was unpacked, my shirt was wrinkled, my things were all over my bed. FUCK. I replied to my friend in that hoarse morning voice that I was ready and will be starting in a minute. ONE MINUTE! I don’t even know whom I was kidding! I can’t even. I switch on the iron and let it heat while I dress up in the bottom. The iron heats up and I start to press. And the shirt was so wrinkled, no matter how much pressure I applied, no matter how much water I sprinkled it was still wrinkled. I cursed at myself again for the umpteenth time. Finally, after about 5 minutes of tossing and whatnot, I finally get it pressed with the wrinkles still visible from miles away. I let it be, and stuffed it in my bag. Please note that I stuffed my freshly ‘almost’ pressed shirt into the bag, which was supposed to be worn upon reaching. I pulled over me a T shirt since we were travelling but the bottoms down was formal and then I look at the mirror. Hair! What the heck was wrong with it. Like I mentioned earlier, it had been doing good for the past 2 days and if I didn’t touch it, like I didn’t for the past two days, it will was supposed to remain the same. I try to adjust it, but no matter what I did, it was a disaster. Distressed, pissed and already late, I let it be. Grabbed my bag and stormed out of the house as fast as I could. Luckily, after (super-brisk)walking for about 2 minutes, I got the auto who didn’t even argue for the rate. Gladly, I sat and tried my best to avoid wind to spoil my hair even more.

5: 25 AM : I got a call a minute ago asking me about my whereabouts, and thankfully I wasn’t late when I reached at 5:25 AM, since there was another guy who was supposed to come. As soon as I got up in the cab, I was asked whether I took a bath. I should have known by that itself that I might not be looking as if I took a bath, but still I replied that I did. Actually, I did, the night before. So, technically it hasn’t been 12 hours so it counts.

6 AM : We reach our office where the three remaining people would be boarding. Two were already out there standing, while we waited for the third and the last one to get to office. When we called him the last time, it would have taken him 5 minutes to reach office, but it was 15 minutes past that and he wasn’t picking up the phone either. We thought of better using the time that we had in our hands by finishing the morning formalities such as breakfast and coffee. After gobbling down 15 Dosas, 2 puris and 6 coffees shared among 6 people, we were ready to start on with the journey, but there was a problem. The seventh member hasn’t come yet. After waiting for some more time and ignored phone calls, we decided to fill up the gas for the vehicle.

6:45 AM : After having filled the petrol, we have this person one more last and final chance after 5 last chances, and he finally answered and informed us that he had reached office. If he hadn’t we would have proceeded with the day without him. We had to be back at office and the more we delay, the more late we would reach office. Anyhow, we started with the journey by 7 AM.

9:30 AM : We reached our destination, just in time for the marriage after a few discussions on hot topics and taking help of Google Maps. We advised the seventh person who was late and didn’t have breakfast in the morning to have something which he refused. So we waited for lunch.

12:30 PM : After greeting and taking the customary photo with the bride and groom, we headed towards the lunch area which was supposed to start at 11 AM, but it started at 11:30 AM. We all gobbled down the food as soon as it came and needless to say, the food was indeed great. We started back at 12:30 PM and reached office by 3 PM. I was dead sleepy the after the journey and the whole journey I wanted to sleep but the fellow members were like “You anyway don’t sleep at night, it’s not a big deal for you to stay awake the whole of the journey” and to honor that reputation, I decided not to sleep. And soon after I reached office, my teammate was ready with work for me and was pestering me every 10 minutes whether I had done that, while I was trying my best to sleep for a while and then get to work.

11 PM : After having a terrible day at office and maxing out on my credit card bill and debt, I settled for a nice warm shower, because remember I didn’t have in the morning? I got into the shower and did my part of the chemistry of mixing hot and cold water. After getting burnt and frozen, I finally got it to the right temperature, I started only to find the last drop dripping. Fuck, the water got over and I had just started. I clean up whatever I could with the little drops that were still dripping, get out of the bathroom, switch on the Water Motor. After waiting for fifteen minutes, dripping water all over the floor, I get back to finishing the task.


And guess what how today started. Same to same. Except, I slept, I mean I over slept. Anyhow, did this qualify to be a good story. NO, stop it, voice in my head.


NaBloPoMo November 2016

I am participating in #NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) and this is #Day24 post.



Sunk in normalcy, amidst
Missed opportunities and wary decisions
Quit, routine of a job

Treading towards passion
The begin of a new chapter
Welcomed with a tart.



Tart : A daily prompt by The Daily Post. (November 15)


NaBloPoMo November 2016

I am participating in #NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) and this is #Day16 post.

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