From morbid opinions to multitude philosophies, the highs, the lows, sometimes moving pictures, sometimes still blurs, while sometimes emotions hidden behind words, sometimes tales beyond the horizon, but mostly just headache. Nonetheless, a canvas to paint my thoughts away.
    Dive in for something interesting.


    The swiftly moving world in frozen moments.


    Perhaps, a world where the grass is a little bit greener, the sky a bit blue and the people a lot nicer. Imaginary, completely to the last dot. Or is it?


    When the road diverged into two, which one you thought you should take? The one less traveled by. But did you?


    The actual story sometimes lies between the lines of an elaborate story.

    The Lunch Box Journal

    A story that will take you through the corporate life of few friends with their usually unusual experiences and occurrences.


    An honest opinion on the things that I come across from actual things to movies. I am considering reviewing people, but after careful consideration of my own self, I decided to drop that idea because just the latter consideration thought was in itself very catastrophic. So, you might find reviews of books, movies and similar things.


    Bangalore, IN
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