Time is so important.
Or to be more precise, timing is even more important!
Who knew?

I remember the time I had a crush on a girl. And everytime we crossed each other’s path, I pretended to be busy in something like laughing at that invisible joke on my mobile with the locked screen. Ha-ha-ha, it was a funny joke, seriously. I’d feel my heart racing for no apparent reason. Wait, I guess the reason was that she was looking at me, at how cool I am, how awesome my hair style is, how incredible my charisma is; and I had to do everything in my power to be all that she is thinking (I mean I was thinking); only to find out that she didn’t even pay attention to me. She was in my class. The least I could have done was said hello, but I had to look busy and too involved in something superficial. But then again, I didn’t stop there, I somehow got acquainted without even meeting. You don’t even know how talented I am to pull this off. So, we talked and discussed about things and eventually had to do things specifically for her, because that’s how people stay in contact. But then again, I still haven’t met her even though I was in the same freaking class. So, guess who is the talented one, huh?

One such day, after a said topic for the day was over, and we were relaying “what else?”‘s to each other and I knew that the conversation is dying and if I do something, then it would die once and for all and no CPR or anything could bring it back to life, which apparently meant that there was another guy who was already talking full fledged and he might take the cue. So, I looked around and realized that some of my friends are getting some sort of gifts. I knew this because some of whom were asking for suggestions and what all one could get for a girl. And in that impulsive moment, I too asked her what she wanted as a gift? Too straight forward, right? I know. *Pulls the collar up* After a moment of thinking and contemplating, she finally replied “Umm, anything”, which made me realize that she wasn’t sure why I was asking her all of a sudden without any head or tail. That was my cue to cut the conversation out and get out of that deep hole I was digging. And without just dodging the ball that came right at me, I tried to poke the bear again. I asked her to be more specific so that it would be easier for me to get the gift. There was a brief silence again. And she finally asked what was the occasion? That was when I asked myself, what the occasion was. Why were these guys getting gifts in the mid of the year? I panicked, as you might have imagines and face palming myself, “For RakshaBandhan, ofcourse”, I replied. It was the month of August and I should have put some thought into this, but well. So, guess who’s the talented one again, who bro-zoned himself!? *Pulls down the collar and cuts it into a million pieces*

So, if you thought I have even the slightest chance, like one in a gazillion, this just proves that I don’t have it.

– ak, mmxvii