Move on.

Disclaimer : This post has more hashtags than the content. Wait, what content?

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He stepped out feeling the bright sun warming up in the summer morning, until he broke a sweat and never stopped sweating. Global warming, they say. “Its’ getting out of hand”, he said as he swiped that sweat on his forehead. He was wearing this what looked like a cap, which looked crazy though. By crazy, please note that it means weird in this context. It was black, well most part of it. It might have been a old one, because it looked faded a bit, discolored and a lot shabby like it hasn’t been washed  or a decade. And then it was sparkling, not the good kind, but it was more like Wait-whats-that-now! No it wasn’t the diamonds or anything remotely similar, it had these white strips like the one we find on the road which illuminate when light falls on it, something like that. I had to ask him whats up with that cap of his. I even suggested that he could opt going out without that “cap”. He stared at me like I committed some dreadful sin and said, “What are you talking about? I don’t have a cap on. Its’ just my hair“.

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” A small intermission will fill more energy afresh in your mind”. I had to bring this up. The comment went on to say, “ So I am sure with new topics and novel ideas you will be on the track”. Now, I feel like I haven’t been able to meet up with the expectations. The Blogger had been sweet enough to encourage me, like many other on the social media. I was like that crazy person bragging about not being able to write as if that is a good thing. I have seen many people being there to support and offer guidance. They have been really sweet. Where as I on the other hand, still bragging. I feat I might be the most disappointing thing on the blogosphere, even after all that! 

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I always wanted to do this thing called “Lets’ meet up”. Like when you are high on success or failure or alcohol or whatnot, you look at your friend sitting beside you while you sip that beer and say, “Hey dude, you know what we should do. We should meet at this place ten years from now. No matter what situation we might be in, lets’ make it a thing”. This sounds so cool, doesn’t it? Then I realized I don’t drink beer, or alcohol (beer and alcohol belong to the same family, duh!) or success or failure or friends (close enough to make the pact)That’s the saddest part. As a matter of fact, I can count on my fingers. 

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What marriage does to friends, I never realized. A few of my friends got married and are on the way of getting married. And you could clearly see the change when I am eating the whole tub of popcorn alone, when I am going to conventions and concerts alone and feeling like “Let me just get out of this”. Believe me, it is no fun going there alone when you are bound to see countless people enjoying in the company of their friends. One year ago, when someone in the group said, “How about a movie this weekend”, everybody else agreed to it. Now, the response is like, “I have to go my in-laws house”, “I have to go shopping with my wife”, “I have to take care of some things at home”, and the list just goes on and on. Time changes people, umm, I mean marriage. I am still the same, that’s a shocker good thing, right?

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Did anyone say anything? I couldn’t hear it over the sound of my braggings.