I haven’t written much lately. I would give it a standard name, a commonly known symptom that actual writers have. The writer’s block. I have written more about not being able to write than actually changing the context of the writings. If it’s once then it probably a phase. If it happens twice, it again might be just a phase. But if it happens for the third time, there might be a problem. And if it happens thrice in a row, it is no longer a problem, it’s a disaster that has already happened and I haven’t even seen it. The disaster being the inability to write any longer. But here I am writing fluently about my inability to write. Bizarre, isn’t it? Or am I just being an overly dramatic person that my friends usually say? Maybe perhaps, I can just do this, write about not able to write.

I don’t know how I burnt all the bridges and how I am always able to do that over and over again. Perhaps a superpower of mine that I never knew about and it is slowly manifesting. Whether it’s a word or 2000 words write up, I have managed to successfully light the bridges to the ground.

It just means that one has surpassed the phase of any problem and have reached a place of nirvana where this one can no longer write. But perhaps just write about not being able to write, like I am doing in this new nirvana that I found myself in. Anyway, I am assuming that there are people still reading my blog and on that note, I will update on the things that have happened and probably will likely to happen. (Whoa, hold on to your seats. No, I am not going to tell the future. I have no idea of what is going to happen but you will understand what I am referring to in a short while)

1. About the Blog
I have been hung up on the idea of making the blog a lot more user-friendly and what not. Now my idea is a minimalistic blog theme. I have made my blog heavy because I am weird that way. And lazy as well. So, keeping it simple is also a lot of me apparently. But I would have to take some time and make the minimalistic theme that doesn’t affect the readers much by taking a 2 generations time to load a single page. I have no idea about how I will do this, so, that’s the future plan for now. Hopefully soon. And considering my obedience to strict timelines, I will be able to do it in no time.

Narrator: The author sucks at sarcasm. And is a lazy ass. It is highly recommended that everyone forget about this minimalist idea. You don’t give a what.. Oh great. You are right on point.

2. Revamping the Lunch Box Journal:
I realized that the number of people doesn’t make a story. A story can be written with nothing as well. Well, that’s the talent of the most story writers. So, I decided to revive the story series that I ended a few months back. The past should stay in the past is a lost concept in me, apparently. It will always come around as it has already been doing. There is a term for it, Karma, or maybe not. Or whatever you want to call it, the big balls of gases called astrology or whatever pleases your mind. The characters in the story are less and yet there is always a story to tell. I hope that I will be able to do justice atleast this time since the last time was a complete disaster and all thanks to me and my bruised ego because blaming others doesn’t work apparently. Like always, I tend to be at the epicenter of everything that is a disaster.

Help: Suggest a name, maybe?

3. Starting a new Love post-series
There is quite a moving love story. Perhaps a normal one, nothing unconventional or out of the world, but quite unique for me since I never had the pleasure or ever will. A rough draft is ready and all I need to do is to make a full-fledged post and make it presentable. Yes, presentable since I am pretty bad at that. I will be posting this as well soon. I am sort of stuck on the introduction, the prologue of the story. Hopefully, I will get it right.

Help, again: Suggest a Name?

4. Letter exchange:
I came across this amazing person who asked me whether I was interested in letter exchange. I jumped at the opportunity because in this time and generation who does that ( this was the exact statement by one more person who believes in the fastest medium of communication, the Digital Gen). But as it turns out I was asked to take the initiative. I did try to write something but I don’t think I did enough justice to the letter. I was absolutely crap. And there are people who think I am pretty good at writing emails. With the same confidence that they had showered over me, I went ahead and wrote, and apparently, the letter was not bad, which was a great feedback since all I was expecting was “God no. what the hell is this?. But this is pretty amazing since I felt good doing it and hopefully will do it again. I am planning to do a surprise letter and I will see where it will go. Also, if anyone is interested in exchanging letter, drop in a comment. I will get in touch with you.

5. Dedication
I was scolded for not posting anything. One person in the whole wide universe keeps checking my blog hoping to see a new post. Apparently, I am too full of myself and Netflix and junk food. And the birthday is fast approaching has approached and I was asked to write a me-post as a gift. I don’t know whether this qualifies as one, but this is the best  I could do or perhaps far more than I ever could. Hence, this is a dedication post to this amazing person. Happy Birthday.


ak, mmxvii

P.S. Until the next time we meet. I feel like talking to myself. Well, anyway, any suggestions, feedbacks, and everything is welcome. So please, indulge me.