I bet you would.

This made me laugh, for obvious reasons of course. It is a straight forward question and so is the answer. Having said that, now you would be thinking what would you do, am I right? Now that we all are wondering what it would be like, let me point out this is a weekly prompt by #blogChatter and the purpose is to write a blog post on it. If I was any other person I pretend to be normally, I would just say “Yes” with a lot of attitude, of course, because attitude is ‘rad’ these days. Though I am not entirely sure what this rad means, no seriously what does it mean?
Took me for a socially challenged, didn’t you. Cool and Radical, it means. Rad is so fab, ain’t it? Anyhow. “Would you like you, if you met you?”. I bet everyone would have thought about this at one point of time. If not, now is the time. How do you think the conversation would go? What would you like to talk about? What would you do? Would you be amazed? Would you be awestruck? Would you pick up your phone and speak even when it doesn’t ring and get out of there? Or would you embark that day as the day of most awesome conversations? The questions just keep piling up, don’t they?
I do that everyday, I mean talk, for your information. I talk to myself, I have never actually felt the need for another person. Because I can’t talk. No, I can talk, but I can’t talk, to people, to new people. So, the next logical question would be “Since you know yourself, you would obviously talk to yourself, I mean the other you in different clothes, obviously, otherwise it would be very really awkward, like twins, grown up twins walking around in same pair of dress. Give me a minute to erase that image out of my head. I accidentally used the permanent marker while picturing it. It is not rubbing off easily. Damn. So, would I? Would I like myself? Hell no. I don’t need a fourth dimension character self of me to figure that out. I have a mirror, not the best in class but it sure as hell does work. And everyday’s job is to get a new mirror hoping that someday it will show myself a little better, you know with square jaws, a little subtle, broad shoulders, blue eyes, ripped body, six packs duh! and an awesome hair duo.
So, you are saying that when you say “Would you like you, if you met you” with so many yous, you mean to say that whether you would like your character, whether you would like your inner self, the attitude, the real you. I think I got the question quite loud and clear. Knowing me, why would I ever want to meet me let alone like another me.
ακ, xᴠᴠɪᴍᴍxᴠɪ