The Fifteenth Hour

A story that will take you through the corporate life of few friends with their usually unusual experiences and occurrences, mostly revolving around this 15th hour. Perhaps, there will be a few wondering what this is all about. 
Read on . . . 

Character Introduction


Conventionally handy. Accurately perfect.  Nothing short of a perfection. With a flair for art and a little too much fondness for sports. But most of all, living life in the offline mode and his principle of “living in the moment” speaks a lot more about him.


Unfairly silent guy and by that, he is dead silent. People sometimes even wonder whether he is in the office or not. But that loud music one might listen from across the floor is probably from him. Otherwise, a perfectly shy and introverted guy. Though he cracks his share of jokes, but as luck may have it,  all end up being a facepalm moments.


One the friendliest bunch, who was quite easy to talk to and more so, she understands quite easily. Apart from that, she has a knack for being straight-forward which is one of the good things in a place filled with people and their various masks. She has an admiration for coconut water which is her go-to drink. While yoga seems to be the morning icebreaker, she keeps the walking in the office campus as a daily routine. Coconut water is a health thing but besides that, she is sort of a selective foodie meaning she goes out every once in a while trying different cuisines.


Smart, Talented, Open hearted, Beautiful, Badminton Champion, iPhone user, Funny (not exactly) Headstrong, Dancer, OCD for cleanliness, A talker.



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