Travelers : TV Show | A Review


“Welcome to the 21st”


Genre: Sci-Fi, Action
Rating: 2.5 / 5


Travelers is about saving the world from extinction. It is a Sci-Fi fiction show in which people travelling back in time to the present day to avoid the inevitable destruction of the human kind and the earth in the later years. It is like terminator minus the robots and also the people, literally. The only thing that comes from the future are the consciousness of a person. The story revolves around 5 travelers who travelled through time and took over the bodies of the people who were just about to die and their purpose of this is to do missions and avoid the destruction of the world and change the course of history, um history for the people in the future.


A few hundred into the future, the world is in the verge of collapse, the mankind is at the brink of extinction. While the people in the future (futurists) develop a technology which can send consciousness into the minds of the people who are about to die. The breaking ground was chosen to be 21st century because that’s the present and it would make sense and it would probably be less manipulations the CGI, because there are still no flying cars, neither did the future in the story. From natural calamities to us, as a collective mankind screwed the nature and planet in every possible way. There is no portrayal of the future but it is pretty evident from the people’s behaviour that the future was perhaps a dark place. The travelers assume the host of the body of the 21st gen. people based on the social media persona.

Director. The Directer is an advanced AI in the future which is controlling the lives of the humans. Well, it is true that the future will be taken over by the computers and this has been operational long since these guys who have traveled through time were even born. And it in itself has great many grand plans to avert the perceivable future which as they tell is going to be in ruins and it will be a complete disaster. The Director so far has some grand plans up his sleeve which probably will save the world. The protagonists are a group of 5 people and one of them being the leader and also an FBI agent, while one is a college student, the other a homemaker, another one also in college but is an drug addict, and the last one had speech problems up until the taken over by the future and that stunt baffled a lot of people. One would think that the future with all this technology to transfer consciousness to another person would do doing a little bit of research on the people. But somehow they lapsed in giving a sound judgement for the body they were taking their place. So, this extra ordinary group now has a doctor, a coder, a group leader and a smart people contrary to their earlier lives are tasked to prevent the calamity of an asteroid striking the earth and that could cause that ripple affect and eventually change the future. However, this seems like a great change in the course of time, which could change in huge proportions, the fate of future still seemed to be in rumbles. This group traveler id is in three thousands. Imagine the other thousands of travelers failing to change anything in the future. And somehow these 5 extraordinary people are going to do the inevitable.

Having said that, there are rules to this as well. The missions of these people ae decided by the director from the future who decided who should be saved from dying and who shouldn’t. This is something that I didn’t understand at all. When someone knows what is going to happen and when, and when it is about someone’s life, shouldn’t they  do anything in their power to save them if at all they can. There is this episode in which a close to 140+ people would die and the director decides to just save one because he was crucial for the future. I don’t understand how he was able to make the assumption that the others were completely irrelevant. They couldn’t save even if they wanted to. That would be a breach of protocol and honestly they all have taken an oath. The oath might as well be blindly follow the director even if he is an idiot or out of his mind. I don’t know what is even happening in the show anymore. I know for certainty that just if out names were different, that would completely change one’s life and these people are already doing everything in their power to change the course of time. And if physics were to be quoted here, each change in the timeline will create a new timeline and by that theory there should already be million timelines which begs the question which past is the director in the future looking at and making life and death decisions.


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