Love: Netflix TV Show | A Review

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Netflix TV Series : Love

Genre: Romantic, Comedy, Drama, TV-MA
Rating: 3/5
Netflix: Love
IMDB: Love ( 7.7 / 10 )


Micro version: A guy meets girl and they explore this phenomenon called love in an entirely different circumstances. The guy who works as a tutor breaks up with his cheating girlfriend and moves into a new apartment while the girl who works at as a manager at the Radio station also comes out a  relationship. An “unforeseen” encounter introduces each other and they are drawn to each other despite the differences while they figure out what love is. 


Love is a beautiful feeling. Or it is what I have heard. And I have always wondered how it happens while I try to find it or at least experience. A chance encounter did put me in the peripheral of it, but as I was told that it wasn’t quite it. This was given a term called “infatuation”. I would argue but what do I know about love anyway. It is truly a concept that is completely unknown to me. Perhaps, I will find what it truly means or feels like, but until then let’s just say that I am quite familiar with infatuation and love could wait.  

I am not as fascinated by the romantic stories that I see in movies or tv shows. It is all a chance encounter, like it just happens for some reason. Let me paint a picture for you taking a scene from this Netflix TV Show called Love. The guy is a tutor and clearly does a very bad job at it. I am still trying to wrap my head around how he manages to get a nice apartment for himself while he just works for like a few minute in a day. And he has a girlfriend. Like how did that even happen? Well the backstory is not something we are concerned with. He has a girlfriend or well, had since he breaks up with her because she cheats on him. Or that is what she tells him to get out of the relationship. Anyhow, he is very much single and has a new apartment. Meanwhile, the girl who likes enjoying life wildly found herself not quite feeling the love she once thought was the perfect thing one could ever have and is fresh out of a relationship. And she walks down two blocks which was more than 10 blocks to get a cup of coffee and that is when there is the hero of the series who happens to be at the same store and getting himself a morning juice and offers to pay for her drink and also her cigarettes, because why not? This chance encounter is so well fabricated that I have a hard time believing that things like that even happen. Because  get this, she wakes up and has a hangover and decides to have a cup of coffee and walks down ten blocks and orders a cup of coffee and then realises that she doesn’t have the purse on her and then the knight in shining armour come by and offers to pay for her coffee. And they somehow hit it off right then since the next moment he is smoking weed with her.

I don’t actually know love works but all this fabricated and parameterised just doesn’t make me believe in it, not one bit. You will see how things falls into place and how the love is explored, just like it is supposed to be, or more like how it is scripted. However, there are ups and downs and agreements and disagreements and all that and perhaps this relationship might not even last a month. But the whole process of falling in love seems like the perfectly arranged domino pieces just ready to fall. 

Despite the fabrication, love in itself is a beautiful journey and if you are a romantic at heart you will definitely appreciate it more than I would ever, maybe a hundred percent more than I am right now. It has light humour to keep you amused and well there is love to keep you intrigued.

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