When we first met

The one true love of your life is the person you asked to excuse chasing the one you thought was the one.


When we first met

Genre: Romance, Comedy
Cast: Adam DeVine, Alexandra Daddario Shelly Hennig, Robbie Amell, Andrew Bachelor

When we first met is romantic comedy movie which portrays the hopeless romantic in search of a perfect partner, the chance with whom he had lost owing to one mistake. He regrets not taking that chance when he should have done that. If only he could go back in time and change that.

The present-day protagonist of the movie is in an engagement party of the women of her dreams and some guy whom she met three years ago after he had hung out with her. The thing he regrets from that day is not kissing her and on top of it, eating the cereal that night, in turn, finishing it up and hence she had to get to the grocery shop where she meets her present-day fiancee. If only he had done things differently that Halloween night three years ago. In his drunken misery, he still happens to have that photo strip of the night he met her for the first time. And he decided to take one more now, but just himself. And while he takes what he hopes and wishes for things to be different.

He wakes up next day with hangover but it’s not the same year he had slept in. It was three years ago, the day he meets her first time. In all his confusion, he sort of messes everything up. Eventually, he becomes the creepy stalker who knows almost everything about her, her fiancee and her roommate. He gets chased down in the three years ago and when he sleeps off, he thinks its a weird dream. He goes to attend the engagement party and the love of his life identifies him as the creepy stalker from three years ago and get chased down by her, her roommate and her fiancee.

He realizes that he now has the power to go back in time and right the wrong. The wrong being him not being with the love of his life. So, he goes back again and finally does everything right taking advice from his best friend who advises him to show off more attitude. He does get the girl this time because when he wakes up, she is just next to him, but still, they aren’t together because he was that attitude stricken guy. He isn’t happy with the person he is even though a part of his fantasy is being fulfilled with ONSs. But the girl of his dreams wanted more of a stable partner. He goes back in time and fixes everything and does what he should be doing and he finally ends up with her. When he wakes up, it’s their engagement party but he loses his best friend along the way because of work. And he also finds out that she never actually really loves him. But all that he had been looking for the perfect match attributes were part of her friends. He then realizes that it was her who is the perfect person for him. He has to fix everything now. And he goes back in time one last time and does everything the way it was and finally ends up with his perfect match.

Why? Why I wrote a review self -opinionated thought for this movie? Because, Love!  How strange is it? Here, I am sulking myself for never having had the opportunity, and never will, while they are playing around with this feeling that I am completely unaware of. What the hell is going on here? Why does he get to have so many chances? And the more important question here is: Why can’t we see love even when it is right in front of us?

What I liked: Nothing.
Should you watch it: One-time watch for time pass.
Worth your time: Might not be.

Rating: ♦♦◊◊◊
Story: ♦♦◊◊◊
Screenplay: ♦◊◊◊◊
Comedy: ◊◊◊◊◊
Action: ◊◊◊◊◊
Romance: ◊◊◊◊◊

IMDB: When we first met
Rating: 6.5/10