Jab Harry Met Sejal

Love. How deep is this subject? Or just how simply some people take it? Or is it as they say, complicated? Don’t look at me, I have no answers, but I will tell you what I did. I have mocked others and myself on similar grounds a couple too many times. And yet, it is all around us, whether we like it or not. Being a novice, I had always kept my distance, by choice and other mostly by no other choice. And how much ever I seem to know, I am still drawn to it, somehow.


“Hated the story”

“I saved you from the peace of mind”.

“What else were you expecting from SRK?”
“I had high expectation from Intimaz Ali, though”

Have you ever felt that soft slow song playing in the background while you commute to the office and back home, or while you work and you are bored of the same routine? No, I am not talking about the music in your earphones, I am talking about an original song. Isn’t that how most normal people’s life is, except of course the music in the background. That’s how the movie begins. The sad looking protagonist (Harry) working every day like clockwork, bored, almost dead, but yet working as a slow music plays in the background. So, a musician (not-exactly) decides to go abroad (because there are fewer singers in the foreign countries) to make a career of himself but ends up becoming a tour guide.


The actual movie starts when the female protagonist (Sejal, like the waves) loses her engagement ring (which happened on the almost month long trip). While Harry is chilling in his BMW, his plans get thrashed by Sejal as she wants to find the missing engagement ring. The movie takes a hard turn when Harry says that he is a womanizer, to which the Sejal (just like the waves) says that Harry has too high hopes. They move from place to place, backtracking all the places they had visited. Though Harry insisted on stopping the search as he was falling in love, Sejal doesn’t want to go home without the ring. Sejal is so rich that she could have bought 5 more similar rings which would still cost lesser than what they had spent on moving around from place to place. But they fall in love with each other and Sejal finds out that the ring was in her bag this whole time.

“What you seek is seeking you!”

Harry wanted to be a singer, goes abroad (because, lack of singers in there) ends up a tour guide (because, dream job).

Sejal flies back to India because her marriage is fast approaching. Harry finds out that she is the missing piece in his life. So, he flies to India to attend her marriage and tell what he was feeling only to find out that she had already canceled the marriage. So, they kiss and Harry goes back to his home as a farmer who sings louder than the tractor. Oh, a truly great singer after all.

Story: 1/5. First of all, I hate how everything falls into place. The movie might be scripted, but it doesn’t have a real element to it. Everything is just too superficial and very highly unlikely to happen in the real scenarios.

Movie: 2/5