Captain Marvel

 Will the war to end all wars be the end of everything?


Captain Marvel | Movie

Genre: Action, Thriller
Rating: 4.5/5
Rotten Tomatoes: Captain Marvel (80%)
IMDB: Captain Marvel (7/10)
Metacritic: Captain Marvel (65%)

Captain Marvel is a movie about a person who finds herself in an entirely different world where she struggles to remember her past along with trying to figure out who and what she is. She has enormous power in her grasp and have no idea how to control it. The movie is set towards the end of the 20th century which is basically the bridge between the Avengers movies, the one that released last year and the one that will be released later this year. There is a lot of speculation why these Marvel movies are released so close to each other. First of all, the previous installment of the movie left a huge dent in the minds and hearts of the people. It was brutal if I am being honest. But the next installment needed this character to be introduced otherwise it will leave people in so much dark and connecting the dots will be a huge task, to say the least.
Power has always driven people. And who doesn’t want to be the most powerful person in the whole wide world? If you haven’t thought of that, maybe this is the time to think of it. And if you say that you would never even fathom to think of that, it must probably because you never had power in your hands. But then again like Uncle Ben mentions, “With great power comes great responsibility”. True, ain’t it? One can use the power for bettering the world around them, or the same could be used to destroy the world. Now, I completely understand that there are two sides of every coin so it would be unfair of me to just discard the latter notion of destruction. The ones thinking of destruction have a different perspective of making the world a better place, which clearly isn’t at all in the favorable interest of a larger population. In more sense than not, they are always aiming at making a better world for themselves and not giving much importance to others or even their lives. Anyway, to kick this off, I am a huge fan of Superheros, the comics and whatnot. I make it a point to watch all of them because I have a fascination for them. And if you are wondering how did I give this movie a 4.5 rating, here are some few points that need to be considered: 

  1. Woman Superhero. Hands down. After DC released the Wonderwoman with a lead women superhero, which in the present day and age are not given that much importance, Marvel’s Captain Marvel was a well-needed movie to balance the superhero franchises. However, Marvel seemed to have had plans on releasing the Black Widow movie, but I guess it didn’t have it’s proper backing. But lately, it is the news of the past.
  2. Lately, I am finding the scripts a little bit intimidating. It truly needs the skill to get the conversation flowing and on top of it hitting the right nerves. Having said that, humor is kind of hard to fit into the action-packed movies. However, that trend has changed in the recent past and which is what I find more interesting. A little humor never hurt anyone and as a matter of fact indulge in more fragments of humor.
  3. The screenplay was well done. I am usually the kind of person who tries to find the faults in the movie or even try to misleading facts (which is bizarre given the fact that this is a completely fictional character). Maybe, I was too invested in the movie and the anticipation of the movie, there is a fair chance that I didn’t pay heed to the errors that I usually don’t like to let go.

Captain Marvel had been one of the most anticipated movies of the year after Avengers: Infinity War left a huge dent in the minds of the people who had been following the movie series and are fans of the superhero franchise. No one likes a movie when a bad guy gets away wins. And those things never happen in a superhero movie because of the most obvious reason that the protagonist or protagonists of the movie will give their lives but would never let the bad guy. But the previous installment of this movie did leave the people in splits, quite literally. No one could believe that the movie was over and on such a devastating front. However, there will obviously a next part where the ‘justice’ would be served, but the wait was simply unbearable having seemed something so horrifying and unbelievable in the last installment. And then when all hope was lost, there was a small indication that probably everything could change; hope. Captain Marvel was exactly that. However, the character hadn’t been introduced earlier and this movie is basically aimed at that- to get the audience familiarised with the character so that they will not be completely lost when the next installment of the movie comes. If you are wondering why there is just a month gap between these two movies, this is the very reason.

The origin story is set in the 1980s where the Air Force pilot Carol Danvers finds herself amidst Krees who are on a completely different planet. She is made to believe that she is a Kree warrior and the power that she posses were something the Kree’s have given her. While she struggles to prove her worth, having lost her memory doesn’t help her much in her cause. However, she does have nightmares of the day she had presumably lost her memories while she struggles to separate the truth from the illusion that she keeps seeing. In one of the missions, she lands up back on earth which was where her entire life was had happened but she had no recollection of it.

The movie takes a slightly humorous road rather than a completely action-packed movie. I believe humor is important and it lightens the mood for the one watching and let’s be honest who doesn’t like few jokes here and there. Nick Fury is an Agent and is young which we don’t find in the past movies. While the screenplay of the movie is quite good portraying most of the origin story from the Marvel Universe Comics, the music, again set in the late 1980s is another touch that is quite appreciable. The movie further sees Carol Danvers remembering her past and how she gets the powers that she has and how she finally becomes Captain Marvel.

To be fair and impartial, the movie might have had something that people might not like, but from what I have seen and believe from my perspective, the movie is pretty well done. To say the least, the next Avengers is just round the corner with not even a month to go, this movie was a better refresher to set the pace for what to expect in the next movie.

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