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Saturday, 17th December, 12:40 AM

Don’t ask me what I was doing so late, because it is far too early for me to sleep. Long story cut short, I hear a buzz on my phone while I was doing squats. That late at night and (What? Don’t get so hung up on me doing squats. It’s a very rare occasion that I would be doing) a buzz would have usually meant that someone was remembering me at that hour of the day, but it was just an email. I was almost getting disappointed when I saw the subject line from IndiBlogger that read “Invitation to Attend : The ‘Hexa Experience Centre‘”, I stopped the rigorous workout that I was so indulged in (remember, those 2 squats?) and wasted no time in registering for the event. The last time there was a Hexa Experience, it was in Hyderabad and almost all expense paid trip. Since, I missed that opportunity, this was a much better alternative. After registering myself, I informed all the people I knew, because why not! The only problem that many cited their disappointment since it was on the festival weekend, many of whom won’t be able to turn up. Any which way, I did my deed of informing, the rest was completely their decision. Though, if the whole squad turns up, it would be a blast.

Saturday, The 24th December

It was a three day event from 23-25 December, and I chose to attend on 24th, which I thought was ideal for me, since it was Saturday and I could probably enjoy the Sunday (where in which I did nothing though, but that’s not what we are discussing about). 


Tata Hexa Experience Centre was divided into different zones to cater to different experiences ranging from the Digital zone to going Offroad.

  •  Zone of Zeros and Ones.
    What? You look confused. Bits? Bytes? Digital anagrams? Ring any bell? Yes, Digital Zone. This was the area where they showcased the car virtually. Basically, it was a virtual experience where they highlighted the features of the car, also providing an option to customize the car. If only they had added VR lens, it would have given the exact digital experience, but for that there was an OffRoad experience just to cater to that need. Or well, we could even test drive the car, provided we had the driving license, which apparently none in the group I was in had.  Anyhow, this digital zone gave the basic idea of what the car is made up of, in terms of build, agility and how well it could fare given the circumstances .
  • The Band 
    Well, Music, period. Because there is no greater relief than music, is there? And who doesn’t love music? To add to the already charmed atmosphere, the music blended with 80’s melodies with the modern era hip hop adding flare under everyone’s feet.
  • CARE (Charlie’s Animal Rescue centrE)
    An institution which takes care of animals street dogs, the ones that were left by their previous owners and are specially-abled. These dogs are being trained by a group of volunteers. One could either provide donations for the cause or adopt a dog.
  • Other zones included Tata Watches , Jewellery, Insurance and Kids play area for kids. From Titan Octane watches to Dominos Pizza, the people who wanted to experience Hexa had a lot many options to shop and eat while savoring the delightful Tata Hexa car.

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  • e. And the show stopper :

The #HexaOrdinary Tata HEXA

The Tata Hexa shined in its Arizona Blue elegance at the center of the stage stealing the limelight with its bold rugged looks. The hexaordinary features of Tata Hexa are :

 a. The Hexa Engine : 

Tata HEXA features as 2.2L VARICOR engine with a 2179 cc, 4 cylinders Diesel in two variants – 148bhp and 154 bhp. It has a power of 150-156Ps @4000 and a torque ranging from 320Nm to 400Nm @ 1700-2700. It has a superior fuel efficiency and the maintenance cost of the car is significantly low and has lower emissions. With such superior power, HEXA undoubtedly the most powerful SUV by TATA.

b. Performance

HEXA also has four-wheel drivetrain (4WD) system. This driving system comes with four Super Drive Modes – Auto, Comfort, Rough Road and Dynamic.

1. Auto mode : Hexa features the Auto mode in which it automatically adjusts to the road conditions. This enables the car system to have control over the car and it kicks in its control systems whenever required automatically.
2. Comfort mode : This mode is ideal for long distance travels which has least exposure to terrains.
3. Rough mode : This mode is ideal for off-road driving in which the car adjusts its control systems to mitigate the rough terrains.
4. Dynamic mode : This mode is preferred for high performance with efficient fuel consumption and providing better mileage.
5. Sports Mode with Race Car Function : This feature is available in only XMA & XTA variants which facilitates off-road driving as well as for long travels.

[cincopa A0DAV3NxllmX]

c. Cruise Control

HEXA comes with a 5-6Speed Manual and Automatic transmission. An important aspect of a car is to be able to control it with ease, be it the sharp turns on the road, or the rugged hilly terrain or the slippery slope. Many a time mishaps happen when the driver loses control of the car or when the car’s system can’t handle the situation.

1. HEXA comes with Electronic Stability Program (ESP ) with Roll over Mitigation which aims at providing better control of the car.
2. It also comes with Traction Control System designed to prevent loss of traction of driven road wheels, i.e. avoids losing the grip of the car wheels.
3. With Hill-hold and Hill descent control, it provides more command during the ascent or descent on the hilly terrains and steep slopes as well.
4. Automatic Braking System (ABS) is a common feature in cars these days. HEXA along with ABS comes with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) aimed at distributing the amount of force applied to each of a vehicle’s wheels, based on road conditions, speed, loading, etc.

d. Advanced Safety

Safety is a priority with the increasing cars on the road. Airbags, for one are an important asset to the car as it protects passengers from accidental mishaps. HEXA comes with Dual airbags in the front. Other variants of HEXA (XT, XTA, XT 4×4) have side airbags providing more safety for the people sitting in the car. The energy absorbing body structure in case of crash will reduce its impact drastically for the passengers inside the car providing better safety.

e. Comfort :

i) HEXA provides advanced suspension with double-wishbone type with coil springs in front and coil spring type 5 link rigid axle in the rear for a comfortable drive and superior handling.
ii) The reverse parking sensor with camera will give the direct indication on the infotainment screen.
iii) It has a seating capacity of 6-7 seats which varies from one variant to another.
iv) Hexa comes with all power windows and features Fully Automatic Temperature Ccntrol (FATC) with Dual HVAC.
v) It also has rear AC Vents on Pillars (2nd & 3rd row) with blower speed control.
vi) For driver, it is a 8 way adjustable seat for better comfort to the person driving the car.
vii) It also comes with retractable window sunblinds in the 2nd Row
viii) The front center armrest is provided with a storage space.

f. Infotainment & Music

1. ConnectNext : Tata HEXA features ConnectNext TouchScreen Infotainment system by Harman™ which gives a  surround sound effect and a great bass. The steering are mounted with controls for hassle free drivng. Bluetooth connectivity with smart phone integration.  First in segment smart phone enabled turn by turn navigation app. Juke Car app. The app utilizes the mobile hotspot of a phone to create a virtual network. This enables multiple users to play their playlists.

2. Music :  Who doesn’t love music? All of would agree that we all just love music. But I am the kind of person who likes quality surround music. Tata HEXA flaunts 10 speaker JBL™ System (5 speakers + 4 Tweakers + 1 subwoofer) providing the world in class music. The steering wheel of the care is mounted with music controls for hassle free driving and easy transition of songs.

[cincopa A4GAU3tclV7r]

g. Exteriors

Tata HEXA looks elegantly in its SUV compact body featuring 19″ Alloy Wheels. It has Rain Sensing Wipers which get activated as soon as it starts raining. In the front it consists of Smoked Projector Headlamps with Follow Me home function for better guiding during low lights and at nights. At the rear, it has two horizontally positioned LED tail lamps. HEXA also offers special accessories package on the top-spec model of the SUV that will include TUFF embossed rear bumper, side step, and extra black plastic cladding.

[cincopa AcNAx3NwlhQt]

h. Other features

1. Other featues include a custimizable Multi-coloured ambient Mood Lighting
2. Driver Information System (DIS) with Multi Coloured TFT screen.
3. ConnectNext App Suite for the mobile which can control the car’s Infotainment system.

i.Variants ( Colors)
Tata HEXA is available in the following colors :
1. Arizona Blue
2. Tungsten Silver
3. Pearl White
4. Sky Grey
5. Platinum Silver

Personally, I loved the Arizona Blue variant of Tata HEXA. Also, since I love Black, Tungsten Silver would be my second favorite.

[cincopa AALA619glZI0]

Off-Road Experience 

Personally, I really liked this one because we had a chance to see what exactly is the car built of and how it could sustain the adverse situations if it were to face any. The whole arena was set to show how the car would fare if it is subjected to different scenario and boy, did it clear all with flying colors.

Launch Date (expected) : Mid-January 2017
Price (On-road, approximatly) : Tata HEXA is priced at a starting at 12 lakhs and goes up to 20 lakhs with different variants and additional features.
Mileage (expected) : Tata HEXA provides a mileage of 12 km(city) and 15km(highway)

Now, the important question would be : Should I buy it?
There is no reason why you shouldn’t go for this vehicle, that is, if you are looking for a spacious, power packed, feature loaded, stylish in this segment.

For more information on the automobile, please visit :  Tata Hexa.


This post is written for TATA HEXA in association with IndiBlogger