RE Urban Gear

The engine slowly revving up muffled under the slow breeze ruffling through the hair as the tiredness of the day slowly disappearing with each passing moment. The world fading in the silent thoughts of the road ahead and nothing else. “I could do this all day” was the constant expression on the mind. The control under the palm of the hand, the world beneath the feet and the long road ahead. Journey is more about the experience rather than the destination. The long rides, the solo thoughts, the soft music playing and nothing in between was a great combination to have.

As much fun riding is, a rider’s safety is exponentially important. More often than not, we don’t take things as seriously as they should be taken. Especially when it comes to safety on the road.

But what if our safety came guaranteed with fashion as well? That should be a pull enough for us.

Royal Enfield Urban Gear

Royal Enfield Urban Gear brings about some of the exclusive gear for bikers with a passion for driving, making the riding experience not only safe, comfortable and fun but also fashionable. And recently, I too tried some of their gear.

A big box was delivered to my workplace and it formed quite the buzz around.

To start with, there was a Helmet.

Frankly speaking – there is a sense of discomfort when it comes to adopting helmets as part of your everyday riding. What with ruined hairstyles and lack of wind in the face, we all tend to look at it as a part of unhappy necessary choice.

I rummaged through the box and out came this huge package, what looked like a super comfortable helmet, to begin with.

As I was at work, and making all sorts of noise while unwrapping the gear, it was obvious that the attention would finally get drawn on me. And within seconds, amongst a group of colleagues, the brand new Royal Enfield Helmet made its debut in my life.

Of all the gear I received, the helmet was one of the coolest of the lot. It was not only comfortable but also lightweight. You won’t feel your head bobbing back and forth as you wear which I felt like with my previous helmet.

Up next came the T-Shirt.

The T Shirt is another featherweight super cool apparel to wear. Basis the size guide, I selected for the t-shirt and it came out to be just right for me. The T-Shirt is suitable for work or for casual outings – and for some reason, I have been showcasing it at multiple places ever since I have received this. As a matter of fact, I am wearing it right now.


Up next is a shirt. An army green full sleeve shirt is another cool thing that was in the package. It is trendy, a casual wear and most of all a bikers ultimate need. It does feel great while riding and add to it a jacket, it was a perfect combination.
But motorcycle fashion’s most critical element is a ‘riding jacket’ and of course I too picked one from their range.


It has many advantages ranging from acting as a protective gear to adding to your fashion statement. This jacket was also a perfect fit, soft on the inside and just the right toughness for the wind and keep the rider comfortable. It has air pockets to help with the breezy air flow, the elbow guard along with the pockets.


Besides the gear I picked, Royal Enfield also has a lot of things to offer. In a nutshell, it has the whole package for a rider.

Royal Enfield has an exclusive collection of gear that will add a lot to your riding experience. Ranging from shirts to helmets to headgear, it has the rider at the core of things that make the riding experience not only fun but also safe, comfortable and leaves a statement in the minds of the people.

For more gear, checkout the RE Gear , where they offer a whole wide variety of gear for the riders. And then again, you can just try it for the fashion of it.