She is poetry

The one in a lifetime; her.

.  .  .

She is an ocean wrapped in seashells,
that one would always want
to hold close and listen to the calmness.
As the waves clash and settle by the shore,
she walks elegantly as the gentle breeze
brushes through her hair.
the astonished eyes stare in complete awe.

She is the calm before the storm; or perhaps
she is the storm, untamed and ever so wild. And
amid all the ferocity,
she is that gentle drop of rain
that soothes the mind, the soul. Perhaps,
she is the testament of fiercely bold.

She is sunshine,
embracing in a soft delicacy
of morning freshness, the reason
for the smile that
warms the hearts
and lasts an eternity.

She is peace,
in the charades of melancholy
a comfort to the agitated mind,
a solace to the weary eyes
a misunderstood dream,
but a definite reality.

She is beauty,
unlike the painting on a canvas, or
the sunset in the ocean, that
one sits and appreciates the candor, but
A masterpiece that not only inspires to be better,
also needs to be cherished for a lifetime. Well,
she is a once in a lifetime treasure.

She is poetry,
like a million stars twinkling and
singing is a chorus in the shimmering night,
a song that strings the heart chords
drowning in a warm embrace of her eternal splendor,
to a world soothingly serene.

.  .  .