I wish I were…

I wish I were a dream 
An epiphany of a mystery,
Surreal, as it may be
For the protagonist, I would be.

I wish I were the time,
A companion in might
A reminder in sight
Always moving, ahead.

I wish I were the spring,
Reminiscing the past mistakes
Reviving the lost phases,
Humbling new, better beginnings

I wish I were a  heartbeat,
A rhythm in sync
Drowning in the elusive harmony
Of togetherness and love

I wish I were the horizon,
Endless and mythical
Plentiful, yet much to learn
Even more to explore

I wish I were the sky
With an endless dream and countless stars
An inspiration of a lifetime,
And a destiny for a few

I wish I were the ocean,
Hiding the treasures
Beneath the bed of mysteries
An enigma… to be explored.

– ak, 2016


This post is written for BlogChatter prompt of the week: I Wish I were

P.S. I am late, a week late in posting. But I have/ had to, mostly because …umm I just had to. You ask why I was late? Actually, I had something else in mind to write for this prompt, which seemed too harsh, or too soon for people to know. Also, if you have noticed, I have written about a couple too many things I wish to be, which just means that I am very uncertain of what I want. No surprises there! What? Did you say something?