Serentrific | #SereneSaturdays 



Z Point, Kemmanagundi , Chikamangalur
© ajaykontham, 2016



Why Saturdays? Because it is in between Friday, the most anticipated day and Sunday the day we take rest, but it gets over before we even blink on the Friday night. Correct me if I am wrong. But, nonetheless, I came up with this new weekly prompt thing, that will elaborate why I think the Saturdays are serene. It could be a photo, a piece of fiction, a personal experience, or anything under the sun that just resonates serenity on the same frequency. If you would like to make it a weekly thing, do let me know, I will come up with a badge of sorts so that we all can keep track of all the #SereneSaturday(s). Please note that it has nothing to with the day Saturday, and anything that you encounter or experience might be on any other day, but you can still recollect them under this category. How does it sound? Good or bad, do let me know in the comments, ie if you read this and want to share your piece of mind.