Over a cup



Anything can over a cup of coffee. It is more of a hypothetical situation where in people are put in a sort of  dilemma of a possibility, which could either be a good one or otherwise. And as mentioned, a hypothetical scenario, because in my 10+ years of continuously drinking coffee, I have never seen anything happen. Wait, I think I got a couple.

Well, there was this one time I was with a girl and the only thing that happened was she telling that she wanted to leave, a second after we sat. She had some other work to attend to, which has slipped her mind until then. Okay, there’s one more. This other time I “forgot” to lock my bike as I lost the key somewhere while riding and it didn’t get stolen either. But it got stolen when I had properly locked it at my house, speaking of what-the-fuck-is-wrong-with-your-luck, I know right?

So this other time, I had invited this friend over for coffee, who didn’t want to come because the coffee was apparently “too costly” for him, to which I even offered to pay for the coffee, but when that didn’t work out, I offered to give my free coffees I had collected over the course of time. On a similar note, the same guy then advances himself to give a title to me for being a cheap. Literally, it should make sense, but seriously I am just lost trying to connect the dots. But then again it comes under being real mature.

The next one has me at the right time at the right place :

Girl: *Some-other-guy* is in such good shape. He is going to gym for 3 years and is now his body is just perfect.
Guy: Okay…
Girl: Three years ago na…he looked like you…like bullshit!
Me(one row behind): Ouch man.

Having gone to the coffee shop for close to a thousand times over the course of years, I can find just these things happening. But yes, I have to admit that I have found so many of my soulmates. Unfortunately, they were with their boyfriends, husbands or girlfriends. I feel sorry for them sometimes, and other times I walk in the rain just to hide you know what.

More often than not, people do ask me why I drink so much coffee and why do I settle at the coffee shop for such long hours, instead of doing something “more important” like hanging out with actual people and make better use of time. To which I usually start by saying that I don’t have friends. In a matter of speaking, it is true in some way. The problem here is I do ask people out, but it so happens that they have other plans, well almost all the time. The other times they don’t have any plans, they make up plans. And over the course of time, how many times does one have to beg for someone to give company. That was when I decided to do it alone. It also goes along with my introverted nature. I was trying to be an extrovert, but well what can I say people don’t want to help. Some are even more shocked that I do it alone, because for them doing things alone was never in their autobiography. Instead of inviting me over, they ask these intellectual questions. I think they have a great IQ, must be real smart people.

But then again, to the previously asked question of why do I drink that much coffee? The answer is quite simple. I just love coffee, perhaps it is also what’s called addiction.


addiction // ak, mmxvii