Love – Magic ?

Love – Magic ?



Love is Magic, they said. I don’t know, I really don’t. I have heard/seen people mesmerized by it, lost, and express it in ways beyond my comprehension. I never got close to it, may be I never will, but I saw it, I think. I saw it in the her eyes, when she waited eagerly to talk to him. I saw it in his eyes, jealous at seeing her talk to someone else. I saw it in her eyes laughing at his every word. I saw it in his eyes as he waited eagerly for her to come back. I saw it in the eyes, that shied away with the very thought of the one they had been so eager to meet. I saw it in the lost eyes, who kept wandering into space in search of something, someone. I saw it in the tired eyes, keeping them awake the whole night. I saw it in the wary eyes as I heard their heart beats from across the room. And then they expressed, fell, got lost. Some were forever, some a temporary phase, some turned out to be just an infatuation.

But is it magic? I don’t know. May be you could tell me?


Magic : A weekly photo challenge prompt by The Daily Post. 


NaBloPoMo November 2016

I am participating in #NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) and this is #Day20 post.

19 thoughts on “Love – Magic ?

            1. I don’t believe you. You are smart, funny, cute and blah blah (all that makes you deserving). So, whatever you are saying is a lie.
              Come on, you can tell me. I will not tell anyone. 😀

              1. Awww! That’s so sweet of you. Honestly, thank you. But you gotta believe me, my experience is at zero level. Don’t worry tho, you would be the first person if I figure it out. Deal?

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