Impulse Imbalance.

Impulse Imbalance

There’s a madness in the mind, the uproar that deafens the conscious thoughts. Sense, the essential ingredients keeping everything together collapses like the sand castle to the ocean waves. The dilemma that hangs around giving impressions of what to be and what not to be. The confusion that scrutinizes and questions the realms of the present; yesteryear and the unknown. What is this aberration of mind, the conscious living mechanism that ceases to comprehend! Chaos. The self infused fears, the mindless inquisitions, rising and falling in the ocean of panic stricken embodiment we so call life. Chaos. The memories that act as the constant reminder of what’s could have been right, what could have happened, what could have been different. The memories that tumble down the dominoes of an ideal moment. Calamity. The perfectly structured sentences and ideas dance in the imperfection of reality finding its balance, space and the right time. Imbalance.

– | Impulse Imbalance |
– ak, xxᴠɪ ɪx ᴍᴍxᴠɪ


#ProjectPerspective : Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Heard this, haven’t we? But it also means that a larger portion doesn’t see the underlying reality or perhaps the beauty of the said object of desire. So what if we showed it to them. What if we gave a glimpse of our perception at things that others generally don’t see? What if we offer our shoes to them and let them explore the world the way we do.
 – #FramedParadox