The eyes that searched.

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I saw her a couple of weeks ago. From across the room she smiled. I smiled back. I had always liked her since I first saw her. Perhaps it was her charisma or her smile or may be it was the way she talked, animated and full of life, or I don’t really know. We met formally once through the mutual friends and I have never been able to meet her again to know her better. But I did eavesdrop in the conversations her friends had hoping to get to know her a little.

No one could imagine the joy it gave when she finally smiled at me the first time. For a second, I curbed my intuition of screaming out loudly. I blacked out the voices. Boy, I was glad. She and I talked, talked about things under the sun, and the moon as the stars glazed in the night sky. I was happy and I wished that she was too. I had not contemplated what was happening with me. Sometimes, I am not aware of what was going on around me, forgetting things I was supposed to do.

And one day she waited, her eyes searching for someone, I saw her. I thought it was me, her eyes searched for. I waved to get her attention from across the road. She didn’t see. I called, she didn’t listen. But then there were people all around. So, I decided to go and greet her. And as I was about to take the step, she smiled like I had never seen before, the joy in her eyes were the joy I had for long time since I saw her. I was surprised how she could mimic me so perfectly. Did she know what I felt for her? Does she feel the same about me too. But the smile she had, the joy it had in the eyes weren’t looking at me. They were for someone else.


P.S. : This is a pure work of fiction. Really.