On love and other things.

“How would you know that? You don’t have a girlfriend!“. The social stigma of a definite need of a girlfriend or to be in a relationship is swelling the young minds. Is it really a necessity? Is it what we really want in the prospect of life? How important is being in a relationship to any of us? When the people around us are biting away their time with the so called significant others and we are there watching and feeling the need to be a part of that, of that experience. But I don’t believe in following the crowd like every Tom, Dick and Harry. When it happens, it will happen, right? By it, I mean love. Love is what we seek right? Or is it just a temporary lapse of enjoyment or heartbreak. We don’t have to follow a pretty girl, or a bunch of them just for that to happen. It won’t happen that way. And it won’t last long. But if you are in for the heck of it, then what is the point? Oh that temporary lapse of fun which leads to heartbreak. Why do things which we are not capable of handling. Or to begin with, why do things just because you that guy across you is doing?

The earlier mentioned dialogue is the close deduction of a funny conversation. I was taken aback when I got the reply mentioned earlier for a lame response in casual conversation. This was mockery at unprecedented level. So, what was the reason for her to mock me with such “absurdity” or should I call a “clichéd notion” ? Now this is where I laughed at the mockery. I am usually the person who would start the conversation with a common ice breaker “Hi”. What? It isn’t a ice breaker! Dude, stop! So, I usually reply with “Hi, How are you?” even though when the last conversation was just a few hours apart and I already know about the well being of the person in conversation. So, I was asked why I was asking for the well being when nothing possibly could happen in a couple of hours gap. I named it etiquette, correct me if I am wrong.  And said that this is how I usually start talking. After a couple of days, this happens : 

This is not fare (fair). ladki ko kabhi hai nahi bolna chahiye. [This is not fair. You shouldn’t say ‘Hai’ to a girl]
Why? (I was perplexed, literally and was waiting for my share of laugh).
Respect you know.
Is that so?
Ha. [ Yes ]
Then what should I say ? 
“How can I help you mam?”
(By this time, I was speechless for a moment and started mocking her in my usual way.)
Wow, you are an absolute genius. How did I miss that? 
Hmm, aap ko ye sab nahi ata tabhi toh aap single ho.  [Hmm, You don’t know these things, that’s why you are single ].
(That comment didn’t bother me. But I wasn’t going to let it go. I consider myself as a giving-back person, even if it mockery.)
Nice logic. I appreciate it.
Experience matters. 
(Unable to control my laughter, I had to say something back) Yeah right! But I am not a salesguy(in a shop) to be of anyone’s assistance to anyone, MamAnd also tell me, how could this be a reply for a simple Hai?
*Insert some angry smileys* 
(I couldn’t care less).

Despite all this, I have seen people in desperate need to be in a relationship. I still haven’t figured out the main reason about this so called trend that people are seem to be following these days. The hardest to accept from all of these is that it is not the so-called-love is not the front runner for all this. Just that your friend is in a relationship, you should also be in a relationship as if you would be socially wrong and in the wrong society if you are still single. The obvious question that we, by we I mean single people are bombarded is the question of the relationship status and the response turns out to be frown most the times, unless they happen to be in the same boat as us.. Love is an understatement these days. When one of my friend who recently changed the status from Single to In a relationship tries to hook me up with his girlfriends’ friend whom I haven’t even met or know, that puts me in a much deeper question. I mean with a few talks/wooing/ flirting/not-to-forget-the-lies her status might also change but isn’t this a sort of forced relationship happening mainly because one has been single and the need to be in a relationship is quite evident all over his friends. But to state the obvious, I would bailing on the first meeting if that were to happen somehow. I can’t even begin to describe the temptation of the people all around the would being infatuated by a good looking person. The worst is when people have found love on ten different occasions. And I was sitting in at this coffee shop staring at the love shaped foam in my coffee cup and assuring myself that it happens only once and it will be a special feeling. So, hosla rakho. Just keep faith. 

Whom am I kidding? Right? Let me get back to the staring at the inevitable mockery, the coffee cup.