Zenith. #Z2AChallenge

“We want to reach the stars…”(I will let the irony sink in)

Sometimes we try,
And we try to be a little better
While we have a feeling
A feeling, that we were never good enough
We are not worthy enough
While we dwell in the past, thinking
What we could have done,Β 
What else we could have done, differently
We are lost, in the space that so binds us
So vast, yet so suffocating.

We are suffocating in our own breath.
We want a way out, while we battle
Battle for the last fragments we so hold dear.
Pause, we pause with deep breaths
Deep breaths, that should have soothed
That should have calmed the mind,
Instead, it begins to drown us
Drown in the perpetual miseryΒ 
The world we created around us.

We were never perfect
We were never right
We only know what we were led to believe
Then why do we feel so lost.
Then why do we feel so alone
We never understood life.Β 
We thought we knew
We thought we knew better
But we never understood
We were at the zenith once
But the silent whispers gave us away
For it has all been a lie.”


There is a world that rhymes when you sing.
– ak

#Z2AChallenge , because I can spell the alphabets in reverse!