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Hold on a second and look around you. 
What do you see ? Happy faces, sad faces, confused faces, many faces. Life, we are living it, slowly yet fast. But when you stopped and look around what did you see? What was your min thinking? What was happened around you in that frozen moment? Life. You saw life happening around you, in that frozen moment you saw a hundred perhaps a thousand emotions from people, emitting radiantly. But, we are in a hurry. The phone rings, the bus stops, the boss calls, the mother sends a message. Life, happening simultaneously, must move on. Why are people running? Why are people not in the present? Where the people? The concern for tomorrow, the present is tucked away. And what happens to the things that people forget, or should I say choose to ignore? We ignore, we ignore the present. 
So, wait. 
Hold on a second and look around. 
Sink in the multitude of emotions, beauty, people; sink in the life, the present.

6 thoughts on “Wait.

  1. We are always running around without a care in the world. Always in the rat race to achieve the unachievable that we don't really seem to have the time for anyone else.

  2. Exactly.
    Wait, you seem to have a lot of time, reading my blog and all.
    Do you have insurance for brain tumor ? Because it is coming for you, if you stay here any longer. #FairWarning. 😛

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