The Social Jungle.

The growing multitudinous of the complexity of life these days has plagiarized the normal perception of things. Aiming for stars is no longer the main objective. Stars! What stars! Particles of dust combined shining light years away. Nevertheless the ability to fly unimaginable heights is still out of question. But heights yeah, thats’ possible. Breaking the barriers slowly with each day as the bar is setting higher and higher. Life happened to us. Life! Then came along the biggest fear or the biggest comfort. The Money. Without money it was practically impossible for anything to happen, figuratively speaking. But more importantly something else also did happen. Change! Change has happened drastically. An era migrated with the so called change. It is plain difficult to pinpoint to something and say this is the best change that has ever happened to mankind. 

Keeping aside the whole mankind for a moment and taking into perspective the present life that I am beholding, change has been a distant dream. The dream so farther than the stars that it is simply invisible. In a word you would say there was No change at all, if the topic is to be discussed there would be nothing to point out. But that would be an understatement if I had to tell that there was no change at all. After all it wouldn’t be humane if there wasn’t any. Well, let’s just take a step up and increase this change up a notch. Like the organization I work in.

The place where I actually work is considered better than the rest of the 12 branches within the city. Also this is ecologically well maintained, again if compared with the remaining 12. Even though it houses the maximum number of people in their workstation it still has the comfortable looking environment. There is nice vegetation, more than a couple of trees here and there covering the ground blocking the match in its crucial time. The best environment? No, not the best. But better than we could ever expect for this organization. I don’t know whether this is done everywhere with a lot of trees and plants but, here they hang this playcard displaying the name and species of the plant/tree. Pretty cool, right. It was actually re-freshening to find the scientific names of the flowers/plants/trees. I am no biology major or junior but it was kinda cool. 

The corporate environment is always mysterious to deal with. As mysterious it might be, sometimes there are certain crazy things happening. Like when they decide to root up the whole footpath and increase it by one inch. Why, you ask? Was it because the footpath was getting drowned in rains? No, not even close. That is the corporate gimmick which comes under the name of development to save Tax. Well, if this was one greatness you thought? No it wasn’t. I literally had no idea to what to tell or how to respond when I saw rabbits caged up and people were snapping photos. Were they cute? Hell yeah, they were. Caging the so called “people” under this spectrum of shitty work wasn’t enough. Ironic, right? They would occasionally leave these rabbits in the so called well maintained garden for some time. The worst part is that after they have “successfully” enjoyed their momentary freedom in the “vast garden”, they are taken back to their cages which are literally in the open and just covered with a plastic sheet to protect them from rain. This was horrible enough. The worst part was when I saw them out in the garden and they could just run out of the garden and go out to freedom, but they couldn’t. They ran back, back to the cage at the sight of any human. If this was brilliance at extraordinary levels, you are wrong again. A week later there was another cage. This time there were these cute small birds, parrots caged. Now, for this the worst part is that they don’t have the little freedom of that those rabbits were able to live with momentarily twice a day. I was standing and looking at these cute creatures. If they could talk, if I could understand what they were continuously chirping about, they might be cursing in the worst possible birdlike curses that if translated to a language we could understand we might as well kill ourselves. If only. But aren’t they singing, in their usual way, which compels us to take selfies with them and adore the cuteness. Only if they know how to sing.

Dear Stupid Educated People with Smart phones,
Stop clicking the pictures of these caged creatures for god’s sake. Even though they haven’t done harm to anyone, they have lost their freedom. At least leave them alone. We are caged too, but we don’t know the bounds. Once we realize that, we would suffocate in our own misery, literally. You are not helping anyone with the photos you are clicking. And I wonder sometimes what would happen if you were kept in the same cage and someone, some giraffe or a hippo is taking a selfie. Just awesome selfie that would be. It would #BreakTheInternet which Kim Kardashian failed to do with one botoxed butt. 

What is the next plan?
There are claims that there will be a zoo opening shortly. Already there are three animals, one being in exponential majority called humans and the other two are the aforementioned. To complete the so called Corporate zoo, there have been talks to bring all the national park wildlife to one place. After all, ecological balance is what we have always dreamed of. Why not bring the harmony to the work environment? Why not?

I showed this post to a colleague at office. And the response was equally brilliant. I was like speechless for a moment and then thought that this should definitely go into my blog. She and her friends wanted to place a board with a quoted text on the cage which had the birds in it. So, this was the quote : 

“Walking is too boring when you know how to fly”.

If this doesn’t break your heart, I don’t know what will!