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I wish I could paint, I would fathom to the unheard battle cries and create a masterpiece.I wish  could sing, I would let the sky bleed and flood the deserts with water.I wish I could scream, I would wake up the battered soul and let the agony find its peace.I wish I could write, I would let the demons out and etch the words on the manuscripts of lost life, of lost self.

The silence ruptures through the void, breaking the calm stillness , causing endless ripples. Anarchy! The mind is a mess, a battleground where the pain strives inevitable , where the only friend left behind is misery. The emotions are toiled and drenched the sea with broken dreams. Its’ a bloodbath everywhere.

Don’t get me wrong. There is a place, where beauty has a meaning, where peace strives, where the serenity of the love speaks volumes,where harmony is cherished. Where the world is a much better place. 
At least it was there, once.
 – Ajay Kontham [ ak ™ , 2015 ]