Chapter XXVI
Tripped Out  The Lunch Box Journal


Story so far: A supposedly minor accident led to a plaster over the ankle. Despite the expert and loving advice, they were conveniently discarded. But how long was this going to go one? Was there any more benefits of 

The concern was sort of toxic because his broken ankle, however, garnered the much more ‘love’ from her, who was still furious at him for not taking the injury seriously and walking all around. Despite the doctor’s expert advice, parent’s caution and hie alleged half-girlfriend’s concern he was limping everywhere he could. Apparently, he didn’t want to be left out, but at the same, he was sort of being the reason for the group skipping on certain things. Their routine badminton session had one less person, though Neil, Aryan, and Gautham still went ahead hoping to find someone there. Siri wasn’t yet too familiar with them and to call her, it needed Akhil’s permission since he was the interim inbetweener. While she was still in the process of getting familiarized, she was still a bit far away from being a regular player. None of them knew that she was a pro at the game and that she had won in the badminton tournament in her previous work location.

Over two months have passed since the injury and the leg seemed to be recovering far better than a month earlier, despite being a little reckless. The whole group were hung out on going for a trip and were hoping that Akhil recovers sooner. But as informed by Akhil that he was doing much better with his leg, even though he couldn’t walk without the stick, he was up for a trip or at least to go somewhere and hang out as a group, just like Gautham’s birthday bash. It was mid-afternoon and they came out for a tea break. Their usual tea place was standing on the ground and watch the games that happened occasionally on the ground. But since one of them had a standing problem, they decided to sit in the canteen. Coincidentally, Srestha and her group were also in the canteen. And all of a sudden something overtook Akhil and he refused to sit at the same table as them. The others already went ahead and sat in such a way that Akhil and Srestha would be sitting next to each other, but then Akhil got and sat in another rather uncomfortable place but in the line of sight of Srestha. He wasn’t even looking up the whole time they sat there. Akhil was still shy of making the first move and break the ice and especially in front of a crowd, it was a big no for him. This came as a shocking to the whole crowd since he is usually the one too smooth with the girls and having his good share of girlfriends, it was supposed to be way too easy for him to break the ice, but instead, he just sat there blushing and looking deeply into his green tea.

Amidst the rosy cheeks and silent gazes, a plan was made to go to Pondicherry for the coming weekend. There was a debate on how Akhil would manage the trip with the ankle which still had the plaster. The water seemed to be the main issue, to which he had convinced the crowd that he would be getting it removed over the weekend and the next weekend which was when he had planned to go, he would be ready to go, fresh and new. Even though everyone knew that it was very unlikely for the ankle to have recovered so soon but Akhil was assuring consistently that it would be. Meanwhile, the weekend passed and the doctor thought that it hasn’t yet recovered yet properly and gave him another week. This kind of gave second thoughts to the whole weekend trip. Akhil brought this up about the possibility of canceling the plan or postponing it to another day. Postponing never worked, it never does. But then, he suggested going to another place, suggested by Likitha of course, which was on the city outskirts and people usually hang out there at midnight. It was now Plan-B if Akhil fails to recover by then. While the people sounded their discomfort on the whole bandage thing and that it would be unfair for Akhil to be in such a situation, but he insisted that it was all okay to go ahead.

As planned, a day before the weekend, after careful consideration and deep thoughts, it was decided to go to Pondicherry for the weekend. And Akhil seemed to be candid and that his pain had reduced a lot as he was feeling much better. Though he really wanted to enjoy the beach and go into the water and play in it. The others were under the impression as long as he is okay and since he was insisting that he will be alright with it, they didn’t see any problem not to go to Pondicherry.


(To be Continued …)
Did they go on a much planned and well thought of trip plan over the weekend? How did they enjoy the beach, while one had to sit down, or did he? 

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