Too early

Early, what’s that?

Chapter VIII
Too early: The Lunch Box Journal
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If time was really money, I would have been a millionaire with the fine people had to pay for being late.
– Someone famous.

Time is what defines people. If time stopped, everything in the world would be like a photo hanging in the darkroom, a tint pink light suspended  in the air. But then again, if the whole universe was to be considered, then what would the planet earth look like on a paradigm representation of time, a tiny blip perhaps. In all axioms, time still seems to be important, more important when plans are made. Like in a professional standpoint, time is money. No one could afford to be late or the repercussions would cost a lot, in a lot of ways.

“Five minutes”, he said as he sat in his chair staring at the computer screen. The mouse was at the center of his locked screen. But he was staring at it. Probably, he was lost in his thoughts about the work that he is supposed to be doing or may it he is reminiscing the past choices. But he was still there even after ten minutes fast that 5 minute margin that he gave. There is a mysterious aura that surrounded him, something that is lost on the people who keep waiting for him to show up, even after twenty minutes. A bunch of patient people of course. “Ranjiv”, they shouted once again, in case he forgot that they had already called him and that they were still waiting for him. “5 minutes, I will meet you there”, he says again. The people who called him might have got the clue by now that this guy really understands how time works. Or perhaps he has a broken watch. Or may be perhaps, if he unlocked his computer he would know that the time moves forward and doesn’t stay still, until he makes a move. “Time waits for no man” should be the thought stuck at his desk. He finally meets them after 30 minutes they actually decided to meet, by which time they were already on their way back from the break.

It was Manohar’s birthday and h had invited the specific set of people to his home for the party. Since it was almost close to the end of the day at office, people who were invited, which included Neil, Akhil, Aryan and Sameer ( The Lunch Box group including Manohar). Ranjiv wasn’t part of the group for way too many obvious reasons. He didn’t quite fit in the group, but he was always showing interest in going out on a trip whenever there was one, or even if the idea of it came up somehow. The time on clock was 8PM which was the time that Manohar had invited all of them to his house. Manohar had already left fifteen minutes before to his house to arrange for the party. The advantage that he had was that his house was just in the walkable distance from office. This also entailed that the people who were leaving office could catch their 8:30 PM bus.

“Five minutes”, Ranjiv said when The Lunch Box group asked him whether he was coming with them, five minutes before eight in which time they planned to wrap up their work. They already knew his secret time code. His five minutes is basically the Indian Standard Time, which approximates to 30-40 mintues, sometimes even more. But as a courtesy, they waited for him below their office. They called him as well, which he didn’t pick up. It was high time by then and so pissed they were that he decided to carry on to Manohar’s house. They reached his house, he cut the cake with his wife, they had their share of cake and refreshments. While they were having their second round of refreshments, Ranjiv finally arrived. Meanwhile, the others got ready to leave since they had to catch a bus, which like time didn’t wait for anyone.


Imagine, making a trip plans with Ranjiv, which these people seemed to have done. If only it was a dare.

( To be continued… )

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