The Health Guru

The Health Guru

Chapter X
The Health Guru : The Lunch Box Journal
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What’s happens when you get bit by a bug? Allergies, of course, right? Unless the immune system is way too perfect to fight them off. And how does one get a better immune system? In this context it’s not that kind of bugs, but a different variety altogether. Heard of love bug? As lame as it may be, some people do get bit by it. Some of the people of the Lunch Box group do belong to the same group, but they would not call it so. How about calling it a…say crush bug? It’s mostly human instinct to look better and one of them attributes to physical appearance, or if it calls for being more specific – six packs. Since it was a way too far-fetched illusion, some of them settled for yoga.

They said that Neal and Aryan never had to worry about their tummy. Some claimed they had better metabolism and whatever they eat gets digested faster, which doesn’t let them go wide! Aryan, on the other hand was too adamant about his health choices. His food regime consisted of junk food, coffee, more junk food, more coffee, cake-chocolate usually, coffee and junk food. The only “hygienic” in his food would be that one time in a week when the group had Fruits for snacks or that green leafy veggies in the Subs and burger. He stays away from anything and everything hygienic. From salads to butter milk, it is a strict no for him. In other words, he was still slim, or so some say. He may be doing the age-old trick of sucking in, who knows? And amidst all this, he still kind of boasts about his junk addiction, as if it is a trophy or likewise.

Meanwhile, Akhil had been going to gym for over half a year and the six packs seems to be more closer than a dream. And now that the yoga had started at office, he was kind of enjoying more exercise, which meant he would be more fitter and erm…fit. His health regime, contrary to Aryan has going to the gym in the morning, sprouts, fruits, milk, green tea, more sprouts, occasional guilty pleasures namely Cheese Burst Pizza. He did turn a new leaf (green, actual leaf) a month prior to this new afternoon yoga sessions. His idea is simple, that the food choices people make now, will (or will not) affect 2 or 3 decades down the lane. Science has it that the more grass you eat when young, the longer you live and more importantly the more healthier you get. This new realization from him might be after he took a month-long absence from work on account of some health issue. Well, as he himself would say that despite the proper care and all, there would still be a few exceptions.

Friday’s, the day just before the weekend, when people usually tone down their work, despite the pressure and what not, with the anticipation of the weekend to get on with their weekend plans, the plans that were yet to be made, but that doesn’t matter, it is a Friday. After what felt like an eternity, contrary to the (white) promise (similar to white lie : where the promises don’t hurt people, or just broken promise), the HR walks into the floor to educate/inform about the new policy changes, also known as refreshing the minds of the people of the existing policies. Among one of them was related to health and it won’t be hard guess to tell who might have been called upon to relax the people working so hard behind the LED screens without the screen protector. The Health Guru, aka Akhil. Apparently, the news spread quite up the ladder that he is into Yoga, fitness and Green tea. His basic task now were to conduct a health session once a week, preferably Friday when the HR makes her presence (white promise) with another set of new policies and make the associates do a little yoga to free them from the stress of the work.

Meanwhile, what felt like a decade later when the whole project account gathered for another session, which included the (dance) crush group, Akhil got promoted to being the Health SPOC (Single Person Of Contact), which Akhil took as an opportunity to rise to fame among the other significant people he had a crush on.


( To be continued… )

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