Horror story

That Horrific Nightmare

Chapter XI
Horror story : The Lunch Box Journal

A question to a question doesn’t answer the question.
– Unknown, or Some Sarcastic Parents

Thoughts are a variation of reality, an inscribed perception of experiences, choices and calculated assumptions. Some when structured and implemented in a perfect manner delivers great results, while some doesn’t. And the same very notion that the humans have, these thoughts, have shaped the reality that we live in. In all complexity, at a personal level, however deep or thoughtful the thoughts be, some are shaped by what’s in front of their eyes. Some things fascinate, some don’t, while some make people fall in love, while some make them hate. But in all retrospect, it breaks down to personal level, to their choice of they fit things under each realm or feeling or likewise.


Saira got to know that Sameer was the President of this Rotary Club called Toastmasters. She was an enthusiastic lot or perhaps she was trying to impress. If only she knew that she had already impressed a few others already, however good bad the sarcasm may be, she had an upper hand, which goes without saying. As soon as she found out that he was part of the club, she jumped at the opportunity to join it. Sameer was more than excited to have recruited another member. He had been struggling for quite some time to get people to attend the meeting let alone people to join, that happens once a week. The people who have already been members seems to be “conveniently” busy all the time, every week. Though, they could be found in the canteen sipping coffee instead of attending that once in a week. Sameer could have imposed a much stricter rules or propagandized it in a way that made the members to attend without any fail. Perhaps, he was a little softy by nature.

But now, he spent no time contemplating or for her to change her mind. A moment later they were filling the new member registration form. He might have paid the joining fees by himself, but since the company reimbursed the amount, he let her, or did he? She was already jumping with happiness inside, faintly radiating it in her small jumps. Only if there was a way to find out what was going on in her mind. The Wednesday came in no time, which was the day when this elite group had meeting. She was excited to showcase her skills as a speaker, while he was sort of her guide who was taking his time to enjoy each moment.

Soon the club’s WhatsApp group conversations promoted to personal chats. She appreciated his inputs as a “mentor” and valued each and every word of his, professional or otherwise. The other people were curious so as to what he was upto. Akhil being himself tried to be himself again, but got trolled very badly by her. One may say that it was a tactic to use sarcasm as a way to get other’s attention or may be it could be a way to shoo them away. Again, if only people understood what went on in the people’s head, especially a girl’s. Somehow, Gautam got acquainted to her as well. Now, that makes three people and one girl. That’s how the world works, doesn’t it? Or may be not! Akhil was very sure that Sameer was filling her ears about the other guys.

Sameer had this charm almost like Akhil, but in a more ripe way, in other words he was smart and funny and a bit daring sort of as well. He wasn’t one of those who thought a lot on things, instead he would make one choice at any given instance of confusion and stick to it, more like on the feet thinker and a forthcoming person. I think it was one of those qualities that Saira might have liked. Moreover, his secret to being so young looking are still unknown. Amidst all this charmness and craziness, he got the shock of his life when Saira asked him one question!

“Why this question?“, was the first response that Sameer could think of as he was a little taken aback at such an abrupt personal question. But a question to a question doesn’t answer the question, so he gradually told, “Yes. He was happily married!” to her question, “Are you married?“, almost breaking that heart of hers. Probably, that night two people couldn’t sleep or may it was just one person.


( To be continued… )

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