Fitness Finesse

Chapter IX
Fitness : The Lunch Box Journal
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The world is partly driven by the way people look. And, so are the people. Looks don’t matter is the most common mnemonic people keep saying, and yet spend hours to look better. Starting from coloring the hair to sucking in the stomach what not people do. And then again there’s the way people project themselves. Make up comes in handy for a few, while the natural gleam is just as sufficient as anything else. There is no justification when people prefer the fairer sex than the other. It is a debatable topic but don’t mistake when the opportunity arises to choose between a fairer or otherwise, the choice is an obvious one. As debatable as it may be, as inconclusive it might be, the next time observe what turns the heads. Deny, agree or don’t care, the looks matter.


Yoga Classes from 4 PM“, shrieked Sameer a little excited looking at the email from the HR. It was a silent shriek that wasn’t audible to the next person. Since it was an email to all the employees, everyone got the pop up alert of a new email at the same time. Aryan ignored the email without even looking at the subject after the word Yoga. While Neil and Akhil scanned the email from top to bottom to get all the necessary information. Neil archived the email shortly after reading it. He basically didn’t need it, but a healthy body is a sign of good and long health. After all, everyone wants to live longer, while some don’t even want pass on to the next life or in simpler brutal terms die. Akhil added the email to his Favourites so that he could refer back to the email when he would be giving his details to join.

Sameer had made up his mind to attend the classes at any cost, while Akhil had the same intention, but he had been hitting gym in the morning for the earlier six months. But he seems to have made a plan for the future. His routine change started with Green Tea a couple of weeks earlier to this new fitness thing under the office roof. His plan for the future is basically what everyone knows but only a few follow it : The health choices made today will determine the health after a few decades. When Sameer brought up the topic to the table during the coffee break, Akhil was already in. Aryan was quite skeptical about the whole Yoga thing. Basically, he didn’t have a plan for the decade-after-health future. At that point of time, his motto was not to compromise on the food, junk or otherwise and not to endure the gruesome green tea or the likes of it, starting from salads to whatever is hard to eat/drink, basically healthy stuff. Neil didn’t need any such regiment. May be because of two reasons, he was already having healthy home food to begin with and he is quite compared to the rest of the junta. Ranjiv joined the new group of fitness enthusiasts who were just about to leave but again sat down for him. Seniority does that to people. He also seemed interested in the whole fitness thing. Mostly because it was about time he got married.

The following day the three of them decided to hit the yoga floor. Sameer came prepared with a comfortable dress and a yoga mat, which was mentioned specifically as important in the email as well, while Akhil and Ranjiv seemed to have forgotten to bring the spare comfortable dress or the yoga mat. Moreover, among the group Sameer was the only one to register, the rest of the two who wanted to join forgot to register. But since, they are adamant to get fit, they decided to yoga in their formal dresses. Aryan just wanted to see what the whole fuss was about and since he didn’t plan to even attend, he was in his formal attire. Even though he was almost forced into joining the group, he stood his ground and was sitting in the sidelines watching as the people took their deep breaths. As it turned out, Ranjiv was the most excited and more energetic than the rest, who was giving his 200%, or perhaps it was just that funny to watch. Aryan left after a little while, while the other three immersed themselves in the world of beginner yoga.

But then, this was all so short-lived….


( To be continued… )

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