A little delighted

Chapter VIII
Delighted : The Lunch Box Journal
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She sunk into her chair again. This wasn’t the first time it has happened. These have become more frequent than usual in the last couple weeks. It always happened when he walked past her. It has been just a few days into the project, she came in like a blessing to the sore eyes. She had all the energy of a new joinee, being enthusiastic to learn and even more excited to make acquaintances, friends. She was always in high spirits. Perhaps that has to do with the fact that it was her first project after taking up the job.

“Hello everyone. Can we have your attention for five minutes, please?”, a voice resonated in an foreign accent in an otherwise silent ODC. “Oh, it’s him”, she exclaimed silently to herself, a little excited! This would be the second time she saw him.  The first time was just a glimpse, like a shadow that walked past, but even that shadow had certain charm, certain elegance, that she lost trail of thoughts she was having that time trying to understand the new technology she was asked to learn. It took more than a few seconds to recover from the trance. She wanted to find out this mysterious aura that surrounded this shadow, the name of which she wasn’t sure about, the face of which she hasn’t seen, not properly yet. But now as he made the announcement, she saw the living breathing shadow, shining bright under the white florescence light, charming his way into the entire crowd one person at a time. May be it had something to do with the make shift foreign accent that transpires under such circumstances which otherwise is normal.

She woke up from her slumber when the voice changed to another person. Though the mind was in a world of  its own. She turned red and the heart started beating faster when he caught her eye from among the crowd. He noticed her, smiled and went on with the proceedings of the meeting. What he didn’t notice after she acknowledged the smile back was that it stayed on her for almost the entire day. There was a certain glow, a radiating blush on her face which comes from being happy, from inside. She went home more than happy that day. The following day she came to know that this mystery person was a president of the Rotary Club which emphasized on improving the way people carry themselves in conversations, be it public speaking or speaking in general. She jumped right at the opportunity when she heard that they were looking for more people to join. That was when she talked to him for the first time. And her joy had no bounds.

They started talking first about work, the new club that she joined, which later got promoted to personal chat on WhatsApp. But, after a few days she was curious about his WhatsApp display photo. She had to ask.


( To be continued… )

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