A new leaf.

Chapter III

“I am turning a new leaf in my life”.


Once more, once more“, chanted the mesmerized crowd who broke into applause and cheers at the song that he had just sung. The otherwise already Mr. Popular singer had always taken the front row seat when it came to singing- his unique talent among many other talents. The talent was not only in being able to pitch the sharps and lows at the right time but also in the ability to sing songs in languages that were unknown to him. What does it tell about a person who could sing in three different languages? Well, some are just born talented, aren’t they?

It was the season of the advent of monsoon and talent shows, most of them organized at the office. It was his chance to take the cue and shine bright like always. There was an official notice about the auditions which ranged from stand up comedy to dance. The auditions have begun and they were at full-fledged at the campus auditorium. But unfortunately, He had already planned his trip to go home that he didn’t realize that the dates of his travel were clashing with that of the song audition date. With a little heavy heart, he let go of his inhibition to sing this time and go ahead with the actual plan of going home.

After his arrival back to the office he inquired about the songs selection, whether it was already done or was supposed to be done to which they informed that he could give his audition later that day because the organizers knew what talent this guy had and hence wanted to give him a chance. As happy as he was to be given an opportunity and people having a little faith in him, he decided not to take that offer on account of the prejudiced history he had had. A year or so earlier, since he was good at singing and being a regular at singing, for competition or not, award or no award, just for fun or cultural programs, he was on the panel for judging the contestants. He felt awkward doing what was asked of him, given the few facts that he was the almost the same age and probably younger than the contestants and also on the point that how could he be qualified to judge their singing skills. Keeping those good old memories in mind, he decided not to risk it even if it meant that he won’t be able to perform. Imagine how a performer would feel like when they are devoid of the chance to perform. But that didn’t bother him much. Instead, he decided to accompany his friend Ayushi, who was auditioning for dance. That is when he saw her.

The stage was brightly lit, the auditorium slightly dim and the lights focused on the people performing on the stage, auditioning to be selected as top five. But of all the people on the stage, the spotlight was on just one person, his spotlight. As he screened through the people on the stage he recognized one particular girl they all had been discussing the other day- Neel‘s crush. That was when he saw her friends along with her in synchronized moves as the music blared in the auditorium and the seats vibrated to the bass. He stood there in muted silence as he slowly realized that he was still standing and his friend was staring at him with confused and suspicious eyes. He was excited about spotting Mirza and couldn’t wait to tell the news to Neel, but he was more lost in the moment as they finished their dance routine and took their seats. He showed his friend whom he was accompanying about the girl and the Mirza. He even asked her to get her name and phone number if possible. She smiled at him even though her teeth were crackling under her breath as she agreed to do what was asked of her without saying a word.

Akhil, the guy who never needed an introduction. A singer, musician, multi talented, charming yet hard working guy. A bit talkative, but that’s all for the best and not to mention the ladies man, of course. The singers take away all the good stuff, don’t they? Having had the company of this creature for over two years, I still haven’t learned how to sing. You can’t blame me for poor vocal chords, you really can’t. No, you can’t judge me, now. Such intolerance, I tell you. Besides singing, he is a fitness freak, and will most likely to stay in one of the sequels of the epic movie starring Salman Khan. He is getting replaced. As a result, he even turned a new leaf in his life, which he is just going to drink green tea all day, every day and also going all green and organic. What’s more? He is the official health SPOC. There’s a lot of more stuff. But all in due time.


Who is Neel? Who is Mirza? Who is Ayushi? Who the unknown lady is? What the hell is happening? Is this some kind of fiction? Or a diary? Or a series of events happening around me? I believe you never had these questions. Thank you and good. Because I think you could help me out. I am completely confused here.

– #TheLunchBoxJournal
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