Chaotic Scrutiny

Thoughts, a maligned interpretations of seen and unseen; scrambled over logic, sense and elusive reality. What is it called, the thoughts that haunt the living daylights, night has never been an exception? What is it that feeds the monotony of the monogamous mind constantly divulging into opinions and conclusions? Is it the dilemma, is it the fear, is it the anticipation, or is it the justification that gives us the assurance that what we did is just right. But was it? Or perhaps it’s the reminder of what we have done. Yes, a reminder that tells about the apparent mistake and the million possibilities that it could have been avoided. But isn’t it a little too late while we try to justify with the lies and false accusations. Because we have been right. We are always right. But isn’t it obvious that if we have been so right, why would we be up at 3 AM in the morning contemplating the decisions and the choices we made!

| Chaotic scrutiny | – ak, xxᴠ ɪx ᴍᴍxᴠɪ

#ProjectPerspective : Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Heard this, haven’t we? But it also means that a larger portion doesn’t see the underlying reality or perhaps the beauty of the said object of desire. So what if we showed it to them. What if we gave a glimpse of our perception at things that others generally don’t see? What if we offer our shoes to them and let them explore the world the way we do. 

  • #FramedParadox