History Made

Chances are rare; and second chances, are once in a lifetime.

Story so far:
The trio went to play a game of badminton who were then later joined by another person who sort of had an affect on one among the three. And while Aryan wondered whether they would ever cross path, something was in store for him, indeed.

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Aryan was sort of enjoying all the free time on his hands doing almost nothing at all. His project is in a hard spot which he himself is not quite sure yet so as to what he should be doing. However that may be the case with regards to the project, he being lazy himself found this no-work-at-all quite reliving. And he was dragging everyone along with him. One can’t even imagine the number of breaks he takes. He reaches the office at 11 in the morning and has a long coffee break until 12 and then sits around for one hour because appearance should be maintained at the office, working or otherwise. At 1PM, he goes for his lunch break ansd that lasts close to an hour with lunch, a walk around the campus and then the closing the long break with a juice. That’s 2 hours of his productive time that he was very unproductive. But it doesn’t stop there. Then he goes for a game of badminton at 3PM and that takes about 1 to 1.5 hours. He comes back at close to 4PM, and then goes for a tea break, again; which lasts for close to 10 min. Then, he comes back to his place to maintain the appearance, again. Then he goes for a snacks break for another 30 min. In short, or in long, half of his work is apparently taking breaks. And he might not know this but that is somehow affecting the people he going on a break with, especially Siri since she is wasting all the productive time which she would otherwise use for completing her next month’s work. She is always ahead of her work like that.

The sun came down and the lights got brighter and there was music, finally. Finally something all the people collectively could enjoy. The management had arranged a DJ for the evening and however it was a short spell because “rules”. And one might wonder who is creating the rules, the same very management. It was almost time for people to break a leg but then again the icebreaker, the initiation was one tough hurdle to cross. Because people wanted to dance and yet, people were shy of doing that. Everyone seemed to need a little push. Aryan, who was a novice in dancing and from what e had pulled that night he probably should stick to dancing in his own room, but then again he was more than anxious to break a leg. While Siri who is way too good at dancing was shying away for reasons unknown. And well Neil, who had already spent a lot of the productive time at playing badminton and exploring the festivities decided to get the  work that had piled up earlier done. Meanwhile, Aryan and Siri were joined by some of the colleagues, who were literally forced to dance. That was when he saw her again. Like somehow the stars had listened to his unsaid prayers. Until then, he was on the assumption that she had come to visit the campus and earlier that afternoon in the badminton court was the first and the last he would see of her. But then again there she was, with a small group of hers trying to figure out what is all happening and also trying not to get stomped by the crowd that was building up and going crazy with each new song. How people lose themselves in this thing called dance!? And despite the stars favouring him that evening, he was still the same chicken when it came to talking, let alone expressing himself. But then again, this little revisit reassured that there might come a time they will cross paths again, some day soon. That ended the weekend on a great note.


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While all this was happening, Gautham who was chilling on the other side of the world was planning a trip to visit across half the world. However, the information was shared to only one person, the OnSite News Correspondent, who then relayed the information to the rest of the gang. The next week went by in a blur but perhaps something  stood out of the ordinary. History was made in the little tattered away badminton court. For once in a long time, Aryan managed to win against Siri, who was undeniably the better player among the ones he had come across. It was a struggle and it wasn’t easy either, and he managed to win, not one but 4 matches in a row but well, except the last one. However, the same wasn’t the case the following day and to make history one time is enough. The weekend that followed had something interesting contrary to the previous weekend. 

Earlier that year Aryan lost his bike and he was reeling over it but that didn’t stop him from travelling 10 miles to play a game of badminton even it was for just an hour. This was contrary to the time he used to cycle all the way up and then down and still managed to play a decent game. This particular weekend there was an event on the other side of the city. The other side meant that they had to travel through humungous traffic and  manage to go there on time, but they were in no hurry. The only reason they were going was to check how this would like, whether it is as good as advertised or just the some words on the fly. So, the plan was that they will all go together in the evening while they could play a badminton game before they started from their home. And so Aryan reached there on time and after playing the game for about two hours they all left for the event, only that Aryan had a black eye. It happened while he was playing and was hit directly in the eye, literally quite hard. The result was that he was sensitive to light in all possible ways. Even the faintest of the light would deliver nerve pulling pain through the head. And to add to this misery, the event had all sorts of lights. The next couple weeks seemed quite dark, but on the plus side he had minimum or actually no work, that was in a way in his favour which enabled him to sleep more during the office hours, not that it was new to him.

While Aryan was still recovering from the searing pain, the OnSite News Correspondent had informed that the Gautham had arrived back in the country from overseas and might drop by at the office. . .

( to be continued … )

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