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When it is as pure as love, there is always a littler more happier world.

Story so far:
Siri’s tells her mom about her relationship. Her mom was already cross with her for over a couple of months when she chose to tell her aunt instead of her, even when she had asked her. The growing distance was killing Siri on the inside and she decided to tell her about it. And it came up during a conversation about Siri’s future and when her mom suggested that they were searching for a guy for her. Maybe it would have taken a little more time, if her mother hadn’t brought up that topic in the first place. Her mom was clearly disappointed but it was Siri’s responsibility to tell and convince her father. Suhas backs out of doing the deed to which he had once agreed to do which was part of the relationship agreement when he had proposed to Siri stating that he would convince her parents for marriage. But now, it all fell on Siri’s shoulders. One fine day she decides to tell her dad and before she could do that she starts to cry.
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The atmosphere was getting intense by the second. Siri had rehearsed what to tell and how to tell a couple hundred times and she still wasn’t sure how to do. For one she was feeling really guilty about keeping it from her parents and then pursuing it even after explicitly telling them not to. He dad was sitting in the master bedroom and she took small steps replaying the words that she wanted to say with her fingers crossed hoping that everything will be all alright and he will agree. She loved Suhas dearly and she couldn’t bear the thought of losing him and moreover, she had already planned a future with him. There was no one else who could replace him, ever. But then again, she needed her parents to be on the same page as her and that they accepted him as she had accepted him for the person he is. They have known Suhas since his childhood as he was part of the family and they know what him very well. And that was an added bonus, but then again, it was now in Siri’s hands to convince them about the same.

She finally gathered up all the courage and entered her dad’s bedroom and slowly told him that she had something to tell him. In that momentary gap, she had forgotten all her rehearsed words. She had gone over that a couple of times but when faced with the situation her mouth went dry, but her eyes welled up. Her dad figures out that she was going to talk about something important and something she was feeling guilty about because otherwise, she wouldn’t have tears in her eyes. Her dad tells her one thing that, “The ones who cry are the ones who do something wrong” and continues asking her whether she did something wrong. She immediately wipes her tears and regains her composure. She starts to tell and she couldn’t for the life of her contain the tears but she had to be strong and she manages to tell the whole story from the beginning and how much she like Suhas and that she wanted to marry him. After she had narrated the whole she falls on her dad’s chest and cries her heart out. She could sense that her dad wasn’t pleased by this one bit but then again, there was so little that he could do about it. He loved her so much to hurt her. After careful consideration, he is okay with the guy in question. But there was one thing he wasn’t ready to do.

As per marriage traditions, it was the guys family who would come to see the girl after the girl’s family have shown interest in the guy. and since they weren’t as much happy about the relationship, she had told her that if the guy’s family approaches them then they won’t have a problem with the marriage. At the moment, Siri was relieved to know that since it was all in the open and there was no playing hide and seek about that. However, they did leave a dent in the bond between her dad and her. There was a cold war between him and her for a long time. However, Siri was hopeful that it will all get back to normal once things cool down and they get to know Suhas just like she has come to know.

Suhas’s sister knows everything about this from the start and he tells her about the latest development. And since they will start to search for matches for the marriage, he decided to tell his parents about it as well. He now has to convince their parents to go and meet Siri’s family because that was what Siri’s dad had wanted. However, his parents were okay with the marriage but they weren’t ready to take the first step because traditionally it should be the girls’ side who have to make the first move and it wouldn’t look good if they went first. Siri and Suhas discussed the same at length and they were trying their best to convince each other’s parent’s to approach the other but none were budging. This thing called tradition was coming in between an there seemed to be no common ground. One day Suhas’s aunt found him sad and even crying and she hadn’t seen him cry ever. She was shocked and was now genuinely concerned about him. She talked to him and asked the reason for his new behavior. He had explained everything to her and that both the parents are ready for marriage but none were ready to take the first step. She said she will help with that and that he shouldn’t worry too much about it. His aunt talked to a common relative and they finally set up a meeting for marriage. The meeting didn’t take much time because both of the families were okay with the marriage and their first order of business was to set up the date for their marriage.  The actual plan was to get them married since there was no need for engagement. But Siri wanted the engagement to happen as soon as possible because she wanted to enjoy their time together a little bit more before they could tie the knot and that if they were engaged they wouldn’t worry about someone catching them roaming around the city. Eight months later the marriage finally happened. And as expected, Siri’s parents adore Suhas more than they adore Siri. Suhas and Siri were happily and as Suhas quotes perhaps he is the only one who is happy after the marriage contrary to most of the married people complaining something or the other about marriage. And their love grew stronger by the day while they always seemed to find happiness in each other’s company and even in their absence. It goes without saying that it was indeed a happy beginning.

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(To be continued ??
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