Pointing Fingers.

Pointing fingers has always been in our blood. You get caught doing something wrong with a friend or not, you start pointing fingers. Well, unless you are the noblest of the people over here and prefer to take the blame for the mistake you did or didn’t do. Here we are actually involved in the process and unfortunately we got caught. I remember one time when I didn’t do anything wrong and just because I was at the wrong place ( oh no, I was in my place but the person who did it was near my place), we were subjected to a punishment. I wondered why couldn’t they reason with my innocence. I was the culprit here. The person who was responsible for this was standing just besides me. Was I angry at him? No, I wasn’t. But I sure was angry at the person who pointed their finger at the me and not to mention the Principal who wasn’t interested in reason. The teary eyed girl had scored more in this aspect and there was no place for reasoning. Wait, she went into the Principals’ office to complaint. I was wondering how childish of her. Of course, we were in seventh standard. How more grown up could she be? 

But this phenomenon of pointing fingers has never ceased to end. Even after being a grown up and people are still vague in their ideologies and still blame others’. Fast forward ten years and here I am sitting listening to people who are blaming, blaming everyone. But I don’t understand why! It usually happens in our evening break time when we come out of our cocoon of wired electronic devices and tapping keys to freshen up a bit with the tinge of fresh air or whats left of it either by sipping a cup of coffee (specifically me) while others prefer a green tea ( you know with all the hygiene drama and all) with a essential snack of the evening to keep company. I am usually drowned in my phone sliding the ticker which provides the updates on the technology or likewise. And then out of the blue these guys stop for a moment. I look up and find then staring at a girl in saree. Obviously, she looks ravishing. Obviously, right? But thats’ not the point. It is the comments that follow. 

The stereotyping of people based on the locality(the place they grew in/ stay in), their attitude and especially the gender would be a tab difficult thing to comprehend. We all have heard those things. The city girls, the village girls, the dress code, the revealing, the women, the ladies and the girls. I thought that being educated and having the intellect to comprehend what is right and wrong, we are still at the place where are are still immature. So, the women. They are to blame. Of course they are, aren’t they? They have taken a step from being that house restricted women to independent women who are excelling at more things we could imagine. So, this independence of theirs is bothering a lot, is it not? Or is it the progress that they are making, surpassing you? They are having more friends, so lets just pass comments on her because majority of the people in her group happens to be boys. Lets judge her character. Oh, she is wearing what she likes which doesn’t seem to fall under your the category of “proper dress code for women“, so lets’ say she is provoking you and she is asking for it. She is independent and does what she loves doing and yeah she happens to be a city girl. Of course with that attitude and that city-culture-she-was-exposed-to, you couldn’t possible marry her, can you? Whilst you have this ego problem that she might be the one making the decisions for you. I could bring upon a million other things, but is that really it? Have we come to this? This game of pointing fingers.

I can’t even quote what my colleague has said. I wanted to. But I don’t want to get that image in my mind again. It is one of those rare(now becoming more common) moments when you feel like standing up and give them a nice trashing. But then again, we can’t stop there, there are hundreds of others who deserve the same until they come to their right sense. And then I return back to this cubicle of mine only to find a “guy” almost shouting at the top of his voice emphasizing on the dominance of man over women referring to all the differences, weaknesses and whatnot. Don’t they get tired of pointing fingers and accept women for what they are. Yeah, I agree that with a society like ours, it might take a long time, but give them a break will you!