A moment.

      Everybody loves their hair, unless they happen to do-not have any of it. That is when the giving-advice starts. They seem to feel that they know everything about hair, how it falls and the steps to regrow it. The only problem being that they are still bald. I am not bald yet. But I have taken the first class ticket to it. So, I am going to land in the city of football and cricket grounds pretty soon ( I mean that bald spot on the head looks like those grounds I mentioned). So anyway, there is an odd phenomenon going around with it. Like everybody else I have a good hair day and a bad hair day, of course right? The only difference is that I have more of bad hair days while the good hair days can be summed into good hair moments. I wake up on a Saturday morning and as I look at myself while brushing my teeth, I stop for a moment. Holy shit, my hair looks awesome. Caution. Caution. Don’t tilt your head. Don’t move, not a muscle. Actually, Saturday is the lets-wash-that-muddy-hair-day, which now is put off indefinitely. I walk as if I am holding a sensitive bomb which would go off anytime if I moved even one muscle. Saturday goes by just fine with the bomb going off a little too many times. But still, it is ok-ok. Sunday comes up and hair is still intact because I didn’t sleep the other night because that would involve, well sleeping and ruining the hair. But still, the bomb goes off a little too many times, as the day turns into night. I hold that sensitive bomb and go to check how it is holding up. To my surprise, I don’t recognize that person in the mirror. Who the hell is that guy? I thought that it was just my hair which was messed up, this guy is even worse.

     You know the feeling when sometimes someone(just one accidentally) looks at you and you feel like everyone is watching you, your every move, your dress, your hair, your fashion sense, your umm… the complete you? No. Really? No, not one. Every person in the visible range. Oh, my bad. Of course, you must be either very prettily beautiful (for girls) or insanely handsome(for guys). So you do know that feeling except not everybody. I know the feeling too even though no one looks. That’s is my sort of super power, you see. So, I just have to be cool to impress them, right? I walk cool, I flick my hair “stylishly”, and I know for fact the girls would be crazy about me that very moment. So, just to make sure I glance at them from the corner of my eye. *cough*Where the hell is everybody?*cough*. Oh damn, all my coolness is down the drain. Damn! How could they do this to me?

     Why does the universe have to mock me? Earlier when that I used to get a Cappuccino with a heart shaped on it, it did give me a hope of some sort for love to happen. (No, not exactly. I am kidding.) Now that has changed to a Cappuccino with a tomato shaped on it. I agree that they wanted to give me a heart shaped one, but that didn’t turn out as they had hoped it to. It has been happening for the past 10 times. I had to stop taking pictures of it because umm, it is *cough* embarrassing *cough*.

     I just saw a guy at the coffee shop with a laptop, who was using his laptop to listen to songs from his Macbook Air. I guess he couldn’t hear that earth shattering music that is already playing in the shop that could literally break the glass. A visibly hot girl walks into the shop. I go..Ooooh. *cough* She goes and sits beside him and gets “handsy” and the family with a kid (10 years, I think) who are just across them leave moments later.

     I just listened to one song the whole day. Present count = 83 ( and counting) ! No, it is not because I love the song, it was more because I wasn’t listening to it. I had my thoughts somewhere else, I guess. I just looked at my phone and realized that this some was on repeat and I had no idea. Where did my mind go? Exactly. Since I had listened to this song like a hundred times, I should be able to sing this by now. And so I thought too. Here was my try :

Slow beats….
If….. everything…. 
problem …. lose….
…tomorrow…..adsasdas ….. wait…
asdasdlad asd asda a adadaad ad
…moon….sdaddiue adasda spin
dfsdfs …. life…. .ebagsbjsnj … music..
Slow beats.

Oh thank you, don’t applause. It was nothing. 

P.S. Yeah, you guessed it right. I was just rambling.