What matters?

Passion. Compassion. Enthusiasm. Patience. Zeal. Here goes the list of doing something whole-heartily. Why is that we are driven by our dreams, a small dream which is planted in our young mind and we water it almost everyday for its fruits. The fruits of success which we had been longing since inception. And the fruits, aah, they are pretty sweet. Because, the fruits aren’t artificial. They are real. They were not born or the trees didn’t bear them just like that. They impersonated the work, the lifetime work, the HARD WORK. They are sweet, nothing artificial and nothing that we have to look back to point the defects. They are carved out of one’s perfection and the never ending zeal and enthusiasm. Why would they won’t be sweet when you had been with it the whole time waiting endlessly to see it evolve into what you had dreamed of long back? That’s why PASSION matters.

We live in a world where we can define WHAT, WHEN, HOW, WHERE, WHY
“We can think and decide what to do when; how to do what & where; and why  to do what”. 
I apologize. This might drive you nuts or consider me, but read it again carefully. You might understand. Any way, it was nonsense. Right? All I wanted to tell was that sometimes Passion drives us crazy. Doesn’t it? No? Okay, I won’t disappoint you. That was my opinion. I am here writing some non-sense, real-serious non-sense. It’s more like, writing is my passion. Don’t get me wrong. I am not a good writer after all. I know it and probably you might also be knowing it. It is more like my hobby. Let me get this clear. I find the pleasure in writing, though I accept the fact of all the non-sense facts and the rubbish theories which I tend to explain. The explanation has no end, but I keep on blabbering even when no one’s there to take up my meticulous theories. But what is more non-sense than wasting time idly than writing something that crosses my mind. 
Everything that comes to the mind is artificial, artificial thoughts, artificial ideas, artificial theories. We need to channel the artificiality of the numerous thoughts and ideas and transform them into living entities. I mean we should transform them in such a way that the writings have ‘life‘. The life replicating the original essence of the prime inception. It’s an art. The art of transforming the so called human thoughts into living thoughts and make the people understand and feel the real sense of the writings and the topic we choose to explain. But I don’t have that art. This so-called art which I had just mentioned isn’t so easy to achieve, or atleast for me. How does it feel when the whole world falls on you? It’s too heavy, isn’t it? I was talking about the thoughts. How does it feel when all the worldly thoughts just sprung onto your mind. I guess it would still be heavy, right? The over-burdened thoughts are to be laid to rest by creating a way where they could live happily in the form of writings. Sometimes, it’s too difficult to catch up with the thoughts. We need to pick the best and forget the rest. Sometimes we forget. Similar is the case with me. I also get all sorts of ideas or say thoughts and when I sit to implement them I tend to forget. Even when the mind is at peace, it becomes too difficult to remember what I had thought earlier. But our peace in the mind never ever disappoints us. We get much better and much more adventurous thought revolutionizing the atmosphere in the peaceful mind. I sit down and pen those thoughts here, in my blog. And I find blogging as a passion. A statistical tool to channelize the ideas and thoughts into a meaningful and revolutionized writings. So in the way to achieve the so called goal, I end up making blunders.  Well, I am not holding anything back. So, this one is also a result of it. So what do you think about my posts. Excellent, Superb? Or Weird? Okay, you don’t want to disappoint me and probably choose the first option. But unfortunately, I know about it. 
There are millions of people writing some on Blogger, Word Press, et cetera. Some write about topics related to education, business, technology, et cetera and personal. I actually belong to the last mentioned. I write  not because “I have to write” but “I want to write” and let the endless thoughts enjoy the freedom and share it with others. But there should be someone to share and probably to read all the thing that I write. Many expect a large number of followers to follow their writings/ blogs. And probably one would achieve that if at all the matter he writes makes sense and is good and yeah, not like mine. I kept on writing and didn’t care about the others to read. Slowly, some got interested and some did not. In one of my summer vacation, I succeeded in motivating a person to write and who really took interest in writing. I felt happy as I succeeded in motivating a person in writing what they felt and let the others know the true sense. 

So, what was I talking about? PASSION. I went off the page. So, this is my passion. So you people also keep up your passion and strive for it. And the new thing on the block is photography. Though it seems easy, but believe me, it isn’t. I feel like I’m not even an amateur when I came to know that there is so much besides pressing the shutter button. Well, I’ll leave you guys to ponder now. 
So, what matters ? Passion does, right ?