Day 21 – Ranting.

Day 22, Wednesday
Rant about something. 
Get up on your soapbox and tell us how you really feel. 
(a pet peeve, a current event, a controversial topic, something your husband or roommate or neighbor or boss does that really ticks you off)

What ticks me off? Wrong Question. The question must be like What doesn’t tick you off?   And these days, the intensity of the ticking process has escalated to new heights. I have no idea what I might do when it crosses the threshold limit. Where do I even start ? 

Blind Eye
There are something people do not know, I repeat do not know. Well may be they know how it works and all, but they really don’t know how it works. So, on occasions it so happens that we need to meet the deadlines. Now mind it, deadlines are there every time. What is not there is the accepting part! Some people nod and nod and agree and promise to meet the deadlines, not knowing exactly how to meet up. Do they have strategy? Oh, well they do. Pick some new guys and assign the work. That’s how the system works. Now the ticking off part – When the statistics show that a specific thing can’t be achieved in a stipulated time frame, no matter what, and still there is no change in the deadline part. What I don’t understand is that which part of that statistics they didn’t understand that they still want to continue. 

People with Needs: 
There are always people and there are always needs. As you might have already known I am self reserved silent guy. So, that makes sure that I don’t indulge in much conversations and as a matter of fact no conversations. Now there are people whom I call friends. The thing is that they never call either. So, once in a while they need some help with something. They send a text. Yeah, seriously a text? Well, Ok fine. I try to help and make sure they get what they needed. Now, I am just some unknown guy whom they never met in their entire life. And after a little while I get a text. What the hell is wrong with people? Or is it me, for being ..erm..lets say.. nice ? 

What else does tick me off? 

a. When my laptop takes a break and stops working altogether. You have no idea what I feel like. In my mind I have smashed the laptop a hundred times over.

b. When I have to explain a simple thing over and over and over and over again. Believe me, one more time someone asks me to repeat, the aftermath won’t be a pleasant one.

c. Roommates talking about something they shouldn’t. I think I have talked at length about what they talk in the previous posts. Well, you don’t have to go back, just get this that what they talk isn’t a bit nice in any way.

Oh, Wait! I say the rant and continuing my ranting process and believe me it will be a pretty long post. Like I said, the topic should have been, what doesn’t make me tick off?