9 Day Streak.

Day 23, Thursday
Things you’ve learned that school won’t teach you

The things that I was so intelligent to  learn on my own that school was unable to teach me? Let me point out one thing when I am on this topic. School has taught me a lot of things. But the thing that I don’t use half of it, or should I say anything at all is another story altogether. So, what have I learned on my own? Frankly speaking, I don’t recollect anything as such. Or is it something like I learnt everything on my own which I wasn’t able to do the same at school. The pin-pointing is something a little too difficult. Because if not all, a little bit role is played by school also. After all, I ain’t no genius. 

Day 24, Friday
Your top 3 worst traits

1. Less Talking : I usually talk. But I do that on a very calculated, or should I say less than necessary. I really don’t know the reason. I just happened to be like this. And if you comparing me(outside this blog-space) with this person(again me) who is just writing and think that ‘This guy is a chatterbox here on his blog, so he should be the same everywhere’ , just let me stop you there. I am exactly the opposite. I find it better to exaggerate things here that are not totally present in reality. So, you see, you can assume that I am telling lies half of the time, or all the time. You caught me. 

So, last weekend I went to a movie with a new friend. And he offered me a lift back home. After the movie, while we were returning he asked ‘You talk less. Why?’ To which I replied the same answer the millionth time that I am like that only. But he didn’t stop there. He continued saying, ‘Are you having any troubles, life problems or something like that’, and before I could say anything, he continued saying, ‘We all have problems’. I just laughed and replied that there was no such thing going on with me. 

2. Stage-Fear : I guess I have talked about this a hundred times over. Consider this as the worst trait ever. I have tried my best and that turned out to be the worst. May be given some time and repeated exposure may help, but as of now, I still suck.

3. The People Talk : I have a habit of writing almost everything that comes to my mind. I repeat everything. So, sometimes I write centering some person or the other and explaining my side of the story how I feel and believe me I don’t hold anything back. So, I an idiot that way. I don’t intend to change myself. So, my advice – Stay away from me. 

Day 25, Saturday
Something someone told you about yourself that you’ll never forget (good or bad)

Someone always tells something or the other about me. And believe me when I say it is not good, all the time. But that something that will never forget? Nothing rings a bell. Sorry about that.

Day 26, Sunday
Something you read online. Leave a link and discuss, if you’d like.

Come on. Not again. I read a lot of things online. As a matter of fact I do everything online. I don’t even read the daily newspaper that comes to my doorstep every morning. So, when I do the reading thing, which is practically online all the time, I am bound to stumble on something fascinating all the time. And if I were to link all those fascinating things that I came across online, this would be a never ending post. Believe me on that. You must see my bookmark list. That was supposed to easily access the links, but the list is that long that I have to scroll up and down like a hundred times to actually come to the one I was looking for. So, you get the point right. Again, I have to apologize here not being helpful to this topic in any way. 

Day 27, Monday
A letter to your readers

Dear Readers, 

First of all let me thank you for being so generous to drop by my blog every other day and read. And thank you for leaving your precious thoughts on whatever I write. I agree with you that what I write isn’t the best of all, that I am still learning and that your comments help me to better myself. And in the course of time, I would like to better than what I a m now at writing. 

Now, I sincerely apologize for not being able to drop by your blog regularly, and in the recent past I haven’t even visited any of the blogs at all. I regret that a lot. I try to make the best of time to read as much as possible but the thing that I myself am unable to write a post concludes that time is not on my side at all. 

The Guy-failing-to-read-your-posts.

Day 28, Tuesday
 Only pictures

 This is what goes in my mind all the time……
Inside my mind – The Peace. 
The Rising Star.

Now, you must have realized that it is so wrong to ask a photographer to add photos. Because there are so many photos in the hard disk that it makes very difficult to pick one and just post here. I could go on and on and transfer all my GigaByte(s) worth of photos and that it would be too difficult for the server to handle that huge data flow by the server. So, I am leaving here with three. Okay, don’t ask what? why? I just picked up randomly.

Day 29, Wednesday
Five songs or pieces of music that speak to you or bring back memories. Use Grooveshark or YouTube to include them in the post

Sad : Blues, Instrumental
Normal : Rock +  Hip Hop  + Electronic + Metal + Rap + Pop
Happy : Blues + Rock +  Hip Hop  + Electronic + Metal + Rap + Pop

Almost all that comes in that category. Are you feeling that I am just impossible, that I am just at all clear at any time. 

Day 30, Thursday
 React to this term: Letting Go

Recently, I have acquainted myself with a word which shouldn’t be used. Though my resolution does say not to use that particular word. But yeah, F#*k. So, when someone tells me let go of something, seriously, F4 you. (Ok, I deciphered it here.)

Now on a serious note. You were being serious in the previous para, how much more serious do you want to be? Does that involve shouting at the top of your voice? or may be write in bold letters increasing the font size, huh? Letting Go. I don’t usually do that so easily. Because when I start something, I get a little attached to it, even if it is nothing or doesn’t need hmm..erm.. that much attention, you can say. So, letting go is not my forte. It will take a lot time to completely let go. 

Day 31, Friday
 A vivid memory

I am sorry. But who am I? I don’t well remember my name. *Thinks hard* . *Thinks really hard*. Sorry, just can’t recollect myself or who I am. So, when you ask about my vivid memory – which memory were you talking about? How will the people (the readers) possible know what your memory is? Dumbass.