Complains are what we hear , almost every fraction of the day. Be it anything, work or life or anything, we have something or the other to say. Well, life isn’t perfect and that I completely understand and no one is perfect either. That is why we find some or the other problem and if there is none, we sometimes even create one for us. That’s how we deal with life. Well, that’s not entirely true. But then again, rarely I have seen someone completely content with their life, the choice that they made and the likes of it. There is always something better out there and even thought we don’t want tit at one point of time, we do want it at the core of out mind or heart, whichever is making that hard decision. Choices. They are hard to make, most often. While our choices are mostly influenced by others. Let’s not kid ourselves. We do get jealous at the prospects of what others are having and though we tell ourselves that it is not what we want, but it is what we want. And more often than not, the decisions we make are to be a part of someone else’s normal. Perhaps we are trying to find what we are missing in the things we don’t need and in people whom we don’t really like.

Happiness! Happiness, sometimes boils down to settling with what we have and ‘forcing ourselves to be content with it because we can’t have more, not at the moment and we don’t to have any less, while we compare ourselves with the lesser fortunate. Amidst all these puzzles we keep playing and telling ourselves that this is the best that could happen and perhaps forcing, umm forcing is a strong, let me rephrase, coming to terms with us and the things around is that they ‘truly’ make us happy. And all this while breaking sweat and stones and whatnot (meaning struggling and working too hard) to make the ends meet. We are happy souls in theory and plastered masks, we all are trying to be happy.

Yes, you. Sorry, I dragged you too into this short unhappy paragraph. You are a happy soul, inside out, unlike the rest of us*.

*I mean me.