Doing Fine ak

I am doing just fine, often is a lie and we know why we tell it when people ask us how we are doing! I am not much of a talker, but I do make a certain exceptions. And let’s not even talk about sharing emotions, I am way too bad at it, or perhaps I keep mum about it. I remember this one time, I was at my aunt’s place and I was talking like crazy, thing after thing and all the while in my thinking about more things to say. You could say I was excited to share, or I just had too many things going on. Well, that is a practical impossibility, too many things happening to me is very highly unlikely thing. But if these were the bad things then I might consider them as too many things. Having said that, I think I was making up stories or perhaps being open. I am not open, at all. If I am open with someone, they must be very high in my trust list. And well, talking about stuff, hmm, is not my thing. But sometimes, I feel like I am doing this online propaganda of sharing the true feelings of people, because sharing is how we can help each other and also sharing is how one can relieve themselves off. You see what I preach I don’t do. And what I preach is to share so that instead of piling everything up in the inside, it would be much better to let some one in and share the so-called-burden that those feelings/ thoughts are making. By doing so, we will not only feel better, having shared what was sort of drowning us in our own misery of sorts, we will be able to move on / look for the next thing to put our feet on.

And here I am keeping things to myself. Sharing is not that difficult for me, I can write the hell out of it, like I do to most of the people around me, by bringing out the worst in me by pointing the little knowledge that I seem to be having. I am no scholar to preach but then again, I am human after. Having taken you completely off-topic, let me pull you back to the topic at hand. Sharing, yes. The few times, I have shared the things that keep bothering me, I met with remarks that had highest concentration of pity. And again, like I have said, I am no scholar, but then again the suggestions that people give are sort of fascinating. Because, for a person like me, how could those suggestions even to my mind? Like how can I be so much dumb that I didn’t think of that. Okay, I will stop being sarcastic now. I also know that having said this, the people reading this will change their opinion so as to be around me. I don’t want that, but then again, I did say that We all have story, we don’t tell. This is part of that untold story. You could give me constructive feedback, I will really appreciate it. You give me things to think over, I might even consider. But pity! Isn’t it easier to wear that mask that I had been wearing for decades and say that everything is okay and I am doing just fine.


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