Humanity, as we know is coming to an end. Like the popular quote that we keep hearing, “The end is nearing”. It is actually false. The end has already come. Perhaps, we are not seeing it. Perhaps, we know it and we are choosing to overlook it. But truth be told, we have failed at humanity. What we do is not making the intended difference that it is supposed to make.


You might ask why do I think that we, as humanity have failed us? You know the answer as well, but like I have mentioned, you are choosing to overlook it. Let me take the latest incident that happened in the country that boosts itself of empowering and making breakthroughs. We might be the best and the brightest, we are also those ignorant assholes. If you are wondering what incident I am trying to highlight here, turn on the TV, it is on every news channel. I am not going to preach anything that we don’t already know. But you know, for a person who is unaffected by emotions, it just breaks my heart a million times over.

I have written at length about how unhappy I was about the people who drag themselves to the level of monsters and show their colors on the innocent. I have written because I felt that the words are a medium of change, as I have always believed it to be. Words have the power to change the world, also destroy it as well. But then again, we are responsible for what we say and if we are doing it right, the right will happen. And I waited in hope. It was good to see that there were people who were voicing out the same in their way, the grave concern and hoping that the change will happen soon. But then again, there is the news at every turn of the page, a new incident that will break the heart all over again, a million times over. Because she was just a kid who could barely speak. Because she was a just a kid who had the whole future in front of her with those big dreams of her. But that one, not one but a few too many to even count, had to break all those dreams. While this is being a problem where people don’t fear the laws in place, nor the outrage of the people or anything as a matte of fact and hence doing whatever pleases them, the greater problem might be us as well. We are preaching how we should raise our boys and educating them and all that jazz, from our comfortable seats sitting in an air conditioned room and probably screaming at the TV with similar news coming every other day. It has sort of become a routine for us, being outraged and taking the anger on the social media and if that didn’t curb our anger, candle light marches. We are preaching something good, we all know that, and it might not matter from where we are doing it, be it the comfort of our bed, and having the best of intentions, we are still failing ourselves in more ways than not. I am not sure what we can do to stop everything. DO. Yes, we need to DO something, instead of Twitter threads and online blogs. We need to DO something that brings about the positive change and hopefully will see much better news on TV rather than the same old news that will outrage us all over again.

I know that each and everyone of us want to help! And I want to do something too. But in a country like mine, with a population of a billion people, with a government that is too busy with things that are not entirely important, we as a united front can bring about the change that we so wish to bring, but why aren’t we able to do anything? Why do we feel that the hands are tied? And our voices from our rooms of our comfortable houses are not being heard? Oh, they are being heard alright, but beyond that there is nothing happening.

I hope for the sake of our own future things change for the better. Or better, we change the things for the better.


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