What is blind, if not love?
What is love, if not pure?

I never had the pleasure of love. I repeat this every time and everywhere, because people don’t believe it when I tell them. I will never have as well. And then there are people who will keep saying that we will never know, but it happens in mysterious ways. It is something like it happens when it happens. There is no fixed time or date, it just magically happens when we least expect it. But to the people who still believe that I, of all the people in the world, will “also” fall in love, I would like to repeat, “It’s not going to happen, ever”. I know myself and I know this for a fact that the love part in me is sort of broken. Having said that, I do understand love.

Love Blind Pure Quote

I will narrate two stories that I had come to know of them.

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was madly in love with a guy. They guy wasn’t as much in love with her. Instead, he just liked her for the person she was, for the friend that she was and he respected her for that. But she wanted more from him, but then again she didn’t want to force him either, but she did force him as well. She did things to show off her love for him, but he just didn’t take them into consideration. She even prohibited him from talking to other girls with whom he ‘might’ start to have feelings. She sort of controlled him in a way and more often than not, he complied to what she wanted. May be he loved her as well. But there was still some air of confusion between them because he didn’t see a future with her. But she had already thought of the names of their kids. While that air of confusion wasn’t privy to the people who knew both of them, since it was kind of obvious when one is among them. The future might seem uncertain, but love definitely is certain. Well, one-sided as of now. Blind, because even after not reciprocating, still believing that one day, someday, things might just work out; or otherwise, I don’t know.

Once upon a time there was a boy and a girl. The boy liked the girl and the girl too liked the boy. The boy dared and proposed to the girl. The girl didn’t say no but she didn’t say yes right away either. While the boys struggles were a success, after a few years of courtship of being ‘madly’ and ‘deeply’ in love with one another, the only task he had in front of him was convincing her parents. With nook or crook, they finally got married and are living happily.

The #2 is so abrupt, isn’t it? I know. Like where are the details and why I had to mention about it. How is it that this is special or is it like the #1? And you might as well be wondering what’s there in this as this is so common these days. Well, I would say yes, but there is a story. And I will leave you with this:

He said, “I am the happiest man, after marriage”.

Umm… didn’t convince you enough? Okay, so how about this :

“And it was a happy ending”, said one
“No, it was a happy beginning”, said the another.


P.S. If at all you are interested to know the whole story, there is a series planned for it( #2 and the temporary title is P. P.). The more votes it gets, the faster I will be able to write. Just for your info. And love, it’s a vast topic. I will write about it bits, if at all there is something I have to say about it.


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