The other day I was asked why I don’t tell it right then when there is something that others do/say that I don’t like. I didn’t have an answer. Let me rephrase, I did have an answer, but not an answer that I could tell, or in other words that will make them happy. So, I acted as if I didn’t even know what the person was talking about and asked the person back when did I ever do that as if I have never done. Also, I am a very terrible actor, so, I might have given away the vital clues as well. Having said that let’s take into account the third sentence and emphasis on the last word. Happy! But then again, why should one have to deal with keeping things to self instead of saying it out especially when it bothers them?


Why do we all do things that bother us without voicing out our concerns and keep at it? I was/am never a vocal person. Like when something is happening that I don’t like, I just can’t say anything. Because I might start to say something… umm let me not get ahead of myself. I am not going to say anything until I strongly, very very strongly feel that I should, or just when I am in a bad mood. This one time, I said something to the landlord and he was like completely aback and was wondering what happened to me. He even asked me is everything okay at work. It was then I realized that I had said more than one word which is usually ‘OK’. I did feel bad afterward, but that lashing out did get my work done. So, that’s a plus side, I guess.

So, why is that the people whom I am close with do something that I don’t like, I don’t say anything. Firstly and most importantly, I don’t mind, I really don’t mind. I don’t have the luxury of a lot of people being close to me, and that might be the reason to not be so forthcoming. Because the moment I say something they will stop being as comfortable as they are slowly getting to be. Does this make sense?


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