Aren’t we all just figments? While some perspire to become something better, the others just fade away. How does one make sure that they transpire to the next level?

I will be honest. As you might have known by now that I talk a lot. And as a result of which people kind of find it boring. Wait, you got the sarcasm in the previous line, right? Moving on, people find it boring. Some will go out of their way to tell me the same that I don’t talk a lot. My grandmother mocks me saying that my words are like pearls and diamonds ( 2 grandmothers) and hence I don’t speak or else I will them. Well, true isn’t it? I would be a billionaire, but I guess a huge chunk of it will go off in paying the tax and the GST! So that would make me a millionaire. Ah, these daydreams! So promising they are. I know what you are saying in your mind: This post isn’t that promising! Let me get straight to the point then! I know we all have an affinity for patience.

Figments that fade and transpire_ ak

I have moved around a lot. Despite that great exposure that I should be getting, it had an opposite effect on me. It made me more isolated. Believe it or not, I have got acquainted with people without even talking! Can you believe that, without talking, verbally! Having said that, there is always a bit of commotion and adjusting that was needed. The longest I have been at a place was 7 years but there as well I sort of moved in the city and schools. The point I am trying to make here is about the people we get associated with. I get close to a few people and then I move. They stay and they continue to make that bond stronger. I hated it. Because it was then I was forming that bond called friendship and however hard it was for me to move on and do it all over again, I had no other choice. Actually, I did! I just had to convince the so called parents. But their counter-argument is that there are much better opportunities where we will be moving to. What they failed to register is that I had to do it all over again. It is not easy, especially for an introvert. Perhaps it just helped in making that shell a bit more strong. Eventually, this moving around settled in the mind as a constant thing, but friends weren’t. The worst of it all is not me moving around consistently, but the few people whom I think I could make the cut eventually move apart. And that tiny figment called me fades away as if never existed and life moves on with the existing bonded-figments. All the while, that tiny figment wanders…well, there’s no point wandering hence, wonders what could have possibly gone wrong.

The other time when my bank transaction needed that I answer the name of my best friend as a security process to go ahead with the transaction, I could do nothing but laugh for a while, because there was none, never was and I just sat there wondering what was the name of the imaginary best friend that I gave as an answer a few years back.


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