A tomorrow is a scary place if there is no hope.

We rise, we fight, we survive, we fall, we pick ourselves up and we rise again! A paradigm, life! It is indeed beautiful! The whole process of find ourselves and exploring life. There is always a lot we don’t know and we try to learn as much as we can and live our life the way we want it to. Because we are the script writers to our own story, our own life. No, don’t believe what people say about our life being sculptured by God himself! Because look around, and let everything settle in and do understand that you are in control and you can what you want to do, and you and you alone have to power to do anything and everything! Don’t believe me? Okay, try this. Turn your right palm and look at that line following in-between the index and the middle finger and observe. So now that you have done what I told you to do, you can very well do what you want to do, like stare at the hand or I don’t know write your own today and hopefully a better tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a scary place


I don’t break down easily or ever. I have made myself tough. Tough is a wrong word. Well, it’s a white lie I keep telling myself, to reassure myself that I am indeed a fighter, that if you punch me I can take it without flinching. But in all reality, I’ve made/make myself absent. If there is something that bothers me, I try to escape or distract myself until it passes over. But the other day I came home and just sat down right at the center of the room and broke down. It was as if my legs didn’t work any longer. I wish there were tears, I wish I knew what I was doing. All I know was that I was frustrated, angry and searching for answers in an otherwise realm of broken hope. You would think what could be so horrible that I had to break down and look for answers in the dark room.

I have had enough, I said, for the millionth time, quite literally. And here I am, still saying it again and over again. I would hope that tonight I will sleep with everything that’s pulling me down and that tomorrow will wake up and it will be a better day, that tomorrow things will change, that things will finally fall in place. Dreamers, aren’t we all!? Let me rephrase, hopeful beings are what we are. While some land safely in the greener side, while while some don’t. And…and for the less fortunate, it is the same story, each day, over and over again. While the thoughts of yesteryear have formed a pretty good bond with the innate mind and always keep company day and night unlike. While they do a pretty good job of taking the misery out of one, there is this hope which seems to fade away. And I grow more scared of tomorrow that I am of yesterday!

A tomorrow is a scary place if there is no hope.


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