Acceptance; storyteller to a socially caged world.

We all have a story to tell. More often than not, we do it ever so frequently. Be it verbally or visually, we always have something, a part of us to share with everyone, everyone we want to share it with! Some call it a conversation, some just love to tell about themselves, and the remaining just don’t want their life to be a part of whatever is cooking everywhere else! But then again, why do we take our phone out the first thing in the morning, snap a few photos, and snap a million more and share each and every moment of our life with the world? What are we trying to even achieve here? From fancy(/mundane) breakfasts to splendid(/awful) vacation photos, from cute(/otherwise) to extraordinary (read: monotonous) updates! And then not to mention, our opinions to outrages, thoughts to just about anything! What is that we want from people, from the world? Is it that we want to be accepted by the socially caged world?


Acceptance; the mayhem that is us.

There are people who are enjoying and will continue to enjoy their life, while the other people sulking will continue to sulk unless they do something about it! And no matter how much ever one can continue to block the people who are enjoying, they, in turn, making their own life a little more miserable. But isolating and keeping things to self and whatever they do is not even enough or sufficient. Because they aren’t content with what they have and aspire to be those they have blocked! Actually, they aren’t even trying to make it any better for themselves. They are just fanning their bottom and | their thoughts and aspirations basically | and came to accept that this is it, that this is them and they can’t do anything about it!


Acceptance; the adversity that is life!

There comes a time when life starts to happen around us and we just have to align ourselves to it, as in like we have to accept for what it is and not what it could have been, while at the same time keeping the ‘what-it-could-be’ at arm’s length. Because anything can happen anytime and one has to be prepared for it. But then again, we can make the conscious decision so as to what is real and what isn’t; as in what can really happen and what will possibly never happen! We have to adapt ourselves to the situations around us! We can’t always create situations favorable to us! And more often than not, we have to live with the consequences and the choices of ours and not to mention others as well!
That sometimes this is what it is! Whatever is happening is for the good, even if it kills you, not literally but on the inside. Because that is what we have to do, to sustain, to survive; we accept.


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